Rebecca Resman lives in Chicago with her husband and two children, ages 4 and 6. She is the founder of Chicago Family Biking, a grassroots organization that encourages families to bike with their families. She also shares her parental successes, failures and musings on her page Mommy Knows Worst.

Friday May 3rd

For our family, Fridays are usually a blend of weekly punch list and fun. A business in the front, party in the back kind of affair. This Friday was no different! After running random errands and rewarding myself with the biggest iced coffee Starbucks makes ($4.14), I scooped up the 4 year old from preK. Earlier that morning I panicked about what to do with my ‘lil man after school, but thankfully Pearachute came through with a nearby ballet class at the TuTu School in Roscoe Village (6 credits).

As I watched my son twirl and leap for the first time, two thoughts came to mind.

1. Wow….maybe I should sign him up for this regularly and

2. LUSH wine shop is right across the street.

I texted someone from the preK mom squad to see if she was in for some “FriYAY Rose” and BOOM!, the dreaded 4pm time slot got awesome. Stopped into LUSH and picked up some bottles of vino ($35.48).

I got home and stress cleaned while participating in a conference call and letting the 4 year old have some downtime, aka screen-time. Soon after, the playdate commenced, wine was enjoyed in the sunshine and our guests left right as my husband and 6 year old arrived home. Fridays are typically the “Take Out” night. We hit up our FAVE neighborhood taqueria- Tony’s Burrito Mex ($17.19) and finished binge watching a Netflix show…. (OA – super weird – I have thoughts.)

Friday Total: $56.81 & 6 credits

Saturday May 4th

I was able to sign both kids up for a 9am cooking class at The Kids Table in Lakeview through Pearachute (16 credits). I gave them a “Good Luck” smile when they announced they would be cooking Eggplant Parmesan Pizza. It was a drop off, so my husband and I got a chance to relive our 20’s and have kid-free breakfast at Heritage Bike General Store ($31.05). We picked up the kids at 10am and marveled at how they apparently eat eggplant now (SCORE).  

Like most families with school-age children, we average 1.5 birthday parties per weekend.

Hubs and I divided and conquered. He tackled twin birthday present acquisition at Building Blocks Toy Store ($33.01) while I knocked out the grocery list at Jewel ($87.93).

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Pavillion Aquatics Center in Elk Grove having a blast in their pool, equipped with a water-slide, while we celebrated with some friends. I should add that they invited the entire Kindergarten (and their families). Since I was one of the only adults that brought my swimsuit, I became a target, getting tackled by 5 and 6 year olds much like a scene from the Walking Dead. I realize now that chaperoning 2 field trips in a row means you are basically inducted into kindergarten….or maybe they think I’m a kid too since I’m short. Hmmm…..regardless it really was a blast.

Saturday Total: $151.99 + 16 credits

Sunday May 5th

Sunday started with Roscoe Village Kidical Mass, a fun family friendly bike ride through the neighborhood, (FREE!). Full disclosure/shameless plug: I am a co-organizer for this event that occurs on the 1st Sunday of each month. This month’s ride had about 60 people and ended at The Garden Dirt Jump Park on Rockwell, just north of Belmont. The kids had a blast rolling through the lightly wooded area, riding up and down little hills.

A few families we knew joined the ride from other neighborhoods, so we decided to throw an impromptu BBQ back out our place. After a quick Jewel run (63.48) and Starbucks refuel ($7.85) we spent the rest of the day hanging out in the sunshine eating food, drinking brew and playing outside. After a dreadfully rainy week, this sun drenched weekend lured all of the families from the block outside and there were a total of 15 kids running around in a pack eating watermelon and playing games. It was a glorious end to the weekend.

After a STRICTLY TIMED bath and bedtime routine, my husband and I settled down for one of the last Game of Thrones, which has claimed all of my fingernails this final season. #TeamWinterfell

Daily Total: $71.33

WEEKEND TOTAL: $280.13 + 22 Pearachute Credits