By Cristie Johnsen

We are a very “on the go” type of family. During the week, my husband works a regular full-time job and I am a stay at home mom by day and bartender by night. Because of that, my husband and I don’t see each other much during the week so it is very important to us that we spend our weekends doing things together as a family. I often search online, especially on Pearachute, for all the local events and activities happening around us and try to plan our weekend that way.


Our days usually start out very slow and mellow on Friday because I’m pretty tired from working all week. Since I work especially late on Thursday nights and still have to get up with the kids pretty early, I usually splurge on DoorDash on Fridays because it saves me from having to prepare a meal first thing in the morning. One of our favorite places to order from is a local restaurant called Apple Fritter. I ordered breakfast tacos and a “Mayan Moka” for me and the “Granny Pack” (pancakes, eggs and bacon) for my two toddlers to split. I have the DashPass so it saved me $4.96 in fees for a grand total of $34.02, including tip.

After breakfast, we got dressed and played for a bit before heading out to pick up my step daughter for the weekend. It was a nice day and the kids wanted to eat outside for lunch so we stopped at In N Out on the way back home. Our total was around $17.

When we got home, the kids played in the backyard as I started to put together our Giants gear (jerseys, baseball caps, jackets, gloves, you name it!) for our first baseball game of the season! We are huge Giants fans and we usually try to go to as many games as we can throughout the season. This was one of the first home games of the season AND it was fireworks night, so the kids were very excited.

In order to make it to the game on time we had to leave within minutes of my husband getting home from work so we planned to eat dinner at the park. Once we got there, we were thrilled to see our favorite local burger spot, Super Duper, was now a vendor! I lost the receipt (it was a long night!) but I remember the total being around $40. The game ended up going to 18 innings that night and it was totally worth it because the GIANTS WON! However, the celebration didn’t last long because when we finally got back to our car around 1am, we were greeted by a $87 parking ticket. ☹

FRIDAY TOTAL: $178 – definitely not our typical budget!!


Because we had a very late night the night before, we decided to stay home during the day rather than go out like we normally would. We had tickets for Monster Jam that night (gifted) and we were originally planning on spending the day at California’s Great America before walking over to Levi Stadium for the show since the two share a parking lot and we get free parking with our Great America Season passes. We also ate all of our meals at home before heading to Monster Jam so that saved us a lot of money! As an added bonus, we were still able to park for free which saved us $40!



After two late night adventures in a row, we were all pretty content with staying home on Sunday. We ordered our groceries for the day from Whole Foods on Amazon Prime Now which costed around $43 dollars. Originally we had planned to check out a couple local Easter egg hunts we saw listed on Pearachute, but instead we spent the day watching movies, playing dress up, and building Lego towers. The kids needed the mellow day to adjust anyway.