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Farah & her family

Weekend Diaries with Farah

I’m a stay at home mom of 2, Max (8) and Zoey (2). My husband works for a well known tech company in Bay Area as an IT engineer. We live in the suburbs, about 30 minutes drive to San Francisco. 


I took Zoey to a free play-based morning program at a nearby church where she got to do some arts and crafts, enjoyed storytime and played with other toddlers. Then I went to lunch with a friend and her son to a Japanese restaurant. Since she had driven far to meet with us, I paid for lunch ($35.25). After lunch and Zoey’s nap, I picked up Max from school and went to get some fruits in a nearby mom and pop grocery store ($15.34). We stayed home for dinner and ate leftovers.

Total Friday Spent: $50.59


My sister booked a jewelry making class at Dragonfly Designs through Pearachute for her daughter and Max. Normally 13 credits for a mommy and me class, but it was free for us since my sister didn’t want us to pay her back. We had a low key lunch from Wendy’s ($21). Max played a car racing video game while Zoey napped. When she woke up, the kids watched a movie that we checked out from the library. Then we went to check out an arts & crafts festival near our home. We didn’t buy anything but it was a treat to see the wonderful creations by the vendors. After that, Max had an open mic at his music school where he performed 2 piano pieces beautifully. Dinner was at a sushi restaurant where they had sushi plates on a conveyor belt ($64.62). It’s one of our favorite restaurants as the kids enjoyed getting the food directly from the conveyor belt. Right next door of the restaurant was Dollar Tree. I bought some party supplies for the kids’ upcoming birthday parties ($25.79).

Total Saturday Spent: $111.41


The kids played a board game called Drop Mix in the morning while my husband went to Costco for groceries and our lunch ($156.10). I did laundry and some cleaning while the kids played. After he came back, I took Max to the first meeting of 4H gardening project ($10 for supplies). It was a beautiful sunny day, so it was nice to be outdoors. He and his fellow 4H members planted squash, zucchini, and swiss chards in a nearby community garden. After we got home, Max played the car racing video game again while Zoey napped. Then they got to watch another movie we borrowed from the library. The kids are allowed to watch movies and play video games only during weekends. After movies, the kids played Monopoly Jr with my husband while I cooked a simple dinner. 

Total Sunday Spent: $166.10

Total Weekend Spent: $328.10