About this weeks Author:

This weekend was nice and relaxing as we got a break from weekend sports. My 13-year-old plays every sport and I’m sure my 6 and 5-year-olds will soon follow suit. The DFW area is great for trying new things and for family-friendly anything! I grew up in Michigan, moved to Arizona after college, then moved to Texas in 2016 for my husband’s job. I teach Fit4Mom classes and work remotely for Stitch Fix. I love to travel, try new foods and activities, and hang out with my friends and family. My husband,3 boys, and puppy keep me busy, but I also love making time slow down and enjoy the moment.


On Friday afternoon my 13 year old had basketball practice, so my 6 and 5 year old and I hung out at the park. I love to cook, but not on Friday nights! A brand new Buffalo Wild Wings opened a mile from our house, so we took the kids to dinner there with friends.

Friday Total-$88


My 13-year-old son had a sleepover at our house after dinner, so I knew all the kids would sleep in on Saturday. Score!

I teach Fit4Mom classes twice a week, and this was my day to teach. Fit4Mom classes are classes where you bring your kids in the stroller and get a great workout in. It’s great not to have to worry about a sitter and exercise with a fun group! I then grabbed some donuts as a treat to bring home to the boys, as they were all sleeping when I left the house early to teach.


We spent the afternoon at Aqua Kids for our neighbor’s birthday party. The kids had a blast swimming indoors and eating cupcakes. Birthday Present-$25

Saturday evening, my 13-year-old went to a sleepover and the rest of us were exhausted. We decided to try out Door Dash for the first time. It was a fun treat to get dinner delivered. I cook every night during the week, so this weekend was a great break! We then watched Marley and Me, a movie the boys had been begging to watch since they found it in a box in our media room. It was very fitting since we got a lab puppy, Gabby in December. Door Dash-$35

Saturday Total: $72


On Sunday, we took a family trip to the zoo thanks to Pearachute! We love the Fort Worth Zoo and the weather was perfect-breezy and sunny! We brought our own lunch and got a lot of walking in. We paid $6 for the kids to feed the Giraffe’s-they just love doing that. When we lived in Phoenix, we would visit the San Diego Zoo once per year. I honestly think the Fort Worth Zoo is right up there with the San Diego Zoo! So much fun!

We then went to a Superbowl Party at a friends’ house. I’m not a huge sports person, but the commercials are my favorite! Ingredients for appetizers and drinks we brought-$40

Sunday Total: $46

Weekend Total-$206