About this week’s author:

I met my husband, Brad, two weeks before my 20th birthday. He was from Arlington, Texas, and studying business at the University of Missouri, where we met. I grew up outside Chicago and chose Mizzou for its journalism program. We dated on and off through college before going our separate ways after graduation. In 2008, I found myself living in Dallas with my best friend from college when Brad moved back to Arlington. We started dating again and welcomed Adelynn, our oldest, in 2009. We welcomed two more girls (Brynna and Corinne) in 2012 and 2013 after getting married in Paris in August of 2010.

I am currently pregnant for a fifth time with my second surrogate baby. I’m just the wacky mom down the street who really, really enjoys pregnancy! Brad and I have talked about heading back to a snowier climate (I honestly, genuinely miss snowy winters!) but have decided, for now, that DFW fits our family. Not only is the cost of living relatively inexpensive here in North Texas, our girls are also enrolled a fabulous public school where they are learning Fine Arts (theater, piano and dance) as well as two foreign languages (Spanish and Mandarin) as part of their schooling. So. Awesome. Brad works a job he loves in aeronautics and I freelance here and there and am home with my girls.

Our weekends are fairly busy (and frantic), with each one being a bit different. This weekend, for us, actually started on Friday because my husband works a 9/80 schedule, which allows him every other Friday off. My youngest, Corinne, who turned five in October, is not yet in kindergarten, so she is home with us on Fridays while her big sisters attend first and third grade.


This Friday Corinne and I wanted pedicures, and there is a new salon that opened not far from our house that was offering $10 pedicures. I couldn’t resist! We got fabulous pedicures that cost us $28 total including tip. After pedicures, we met Brad for Potbelly at lunch and spent $21. I then went for a run before heading up to school to co-manage my daughter Adelynn’s Destination Imagination team. We had practice until 6 pm on Friday, so I brought the kids a bunch of snacks. I spent $15 on fruit snacks, apple slices and potato chips to hold seven kiddos over until dinner time! To end our day, we went to a free ice skating party at our local mall. My girls started ice skating lessons about six months ago and have really taken to the ice. The party on Friday was totally free, but Adelynn was starving after Destination Imagination. She and I grabbed dinner at the mall food court while we waited for Brad to arrive with my younger daughters, who ate at home with Dad. We spent $15 on dinner. After the party, Adelynn and Brynna (my middle daughter), headed to a friend’s house for a sleepover.

Total spent on Friday: $79


Saturday morning I actually ran a 5K that supports a local charity in town while my girls slept in at their friend’s house (the race entry was $30). Corinne got a lazy morning with Dad while I managed a sub-30 5K at 12 weeks pregnant! After I got home and got everyone fed, we headed off to a Girl Scout Cookie Booth. My older two girls are both involved in Girl Scouts, and we love it. They have done some incredible activities (including Medieval Times, camp outs, iFly, and so much more!) with the money they have raised selling cookies. This year, both my girls want to sell more than 2,000 combined boxes (I did not mistype that number!). Not only does the money they raise support all kinds of activities they get to do with their troops, they also earn free days at summer camp here in North Texas with all the boxes they sell. So we went to our local Walgreens from 1:30- 4:30 to sell cookies. Halfway through, they got a treat for good behavior and awesome sales. I spent $8 at Walgreens on snacks and treats. After we got home, I was too lazy and worn out to cook, so we ordered pizza and had a family movie night! We watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which I just finished reading to the girls. We spent $30 on Domino’s pizza.

Total spent: $68


Sunday morning I got up before my crew and made breakfast- hashbrowns, eggs and bacon. They loved it! After running four miles, I got Adelynn and I ready to go to another cookie booth (did I mention how many boxes my girls want to sell?) at the mall. Once we got to the mall, Adelynn talked me into Jamba Juice smoothies for lunch. I spent $11. Brad took my younger two girls up to the skating rink at the mall to practice. We love that our skate tuition includes free skating during any public session. The lessons can be pricey ($135 per girl for a 7-week session), but they enjoy it so much! Adelynn and I left the mall at 3 and I swapped girls with my husband. Brynna and I then worked a cookie booth at 7 Eleven for an hour and sold a lot of boxes! 7 Eleven loves hosting Girl Scouts in our area and allows the girls free fountain beverages or hot chocolate (and coffee for mom!) when they work a booth, which is an awesome incentive for my kids. They love hot chocolate! We then headed home to prepare for school on Monday and have dinner at home.

Total spent: $11

Weekend spend total: $158