About this week’s author:

I am a stay at home mom to 3 young girls. We live in the suburbs north of Dallas, where there is tons of family events, shopping, and restaurants to keep us busy. My husband and I are originally from NJ but have been living in Texas for 13 years now.


The weather is cold and rainy today so I decide to spend this Friday afternoon straightening up my house and catching up on laundry. My hope is that I can get a lot of stuff done around the house while my 3 & 4 years old play. This doesn’t always work out like I plan but I try to get them involved and get as much done as I can. Around 2:45 we head to pick up my 1st grader from school. On the way home from school pick up we stop and pick up the groceries I ordered online. They bring them straight to my car for me so we are only there for a few minutes before heading home. The groceries cost $155.46. We head home, put away the groceries, and the kids play and watch TV while I cook dinner and finish putting away laundry.

Total Friday spend: $155.46


On Saturday morning we went to the birthday party of a family friend. It was held at a large indoor play place with a huge indoor playground and arcade. I had ordered a Lego set as a birthday gift on Amazon for $25.97. At the party they served lunch and cake so we all ate there. My husband also purchased a soft pretzel for my youngest from the cafe there for $3.24.

We all left the party and went home to get my oldest daughter ready for her next event. Her Girl Scout troop was going to a self defense class at a local taekwondo center. I took her to the event which was free.

On Saturday nights we usually go out to eat or order food, but it was very cold out and we were all tired so I placed an order for dinner through an app I frequently use and we waited for dinner to arrive. Unfortunately, we waited and waited, and 20 minutes after our estimated delivery time I call and the restaurant says they never got our order. At that point we decide to just eat some leftovers as it was too late to wait for the food to be made and delivered. I call the company that the order was placed through to make sure they refund my credit card and they apologized for the mishap. They also said they are emailing me a coupon for $25 off my next purchase. The only positive in this situation is that it brought my Saturday total spending way down.

Total Saturday spend: $29.21


On Sunday morning I have some time to myself because I have a facial scheduled. The spa I go to was having a special awhile back and I bought a package for 6 facials. I had one scheduled at 11am this day. I went and had a wonderful Fire and Ice facial which because of the great deal they had only cost me $49.

After I got home and we all had lunch we decided to run to Michaels because my oldest daughter needs some craft supplies to make a t-shirt for her to wear for the 100th day of school which is coming up. We buy her a plain t-shirt, fabric glue, puffy paint, and sequins. I use a 40% off coupon from the Michaels app and we spend $11.83. We go home and being working on this project.

We decide to order dinner tonight and since I have the $25 off coupon due to the previous nights mishap it won’t cost me that much. We ordered thru the app to a local place called Cowboy Chicken at my daughters request. We got a roasted chicken and sides. This cost $19.53 due to using that coupon.

Total Sunday spend: $80.36

Total weekend spending: $265.03