Please give a 2 sentence summary of what SafeSplash Swim School is all about.

SafeSplash Swim School Rockville Pike and SafeSplash Swim School Bethesda are family-owned, learn-to-swim schools.  We teach all ages and abilities in small group, semi-private, and private lesson formats and focus our lessons on learning proper technique in the four strokes, safety, and fun.

How did you decide to start a franchise?

We are a husband-wife team and are both former competitive swimmers with business backgrounds.  It was a natural fit to open a business to channel our passion for teaching swimming as a life skill.  We were also looking for the freedom and creatively that entrepreneurship brings (as well as the challenges!).

How did you choose SafeSplash from the list of reputable companies/franchises?

We knew we were entering a competitive market, in terms of other swim schools in the area, the many other children’s activities that are out there for parents to choose from, and the incredibly robust swimming community in Montgomery County.  We spoke with pretty much all of the other swim school franchises that are out there before making our decision, and chose to work with SafeSplash after visiting many of their other locations around the country, analyzing their curriculum, and learning about the ambitious goals that its owners have for the company as a whole over the next five to ten years.  Another added bonus was that hosted model that SafeSplash offers, which allowed us to open in locations (LA Fitness on Rockville Pike and Washington Sports Club in downtown Bethesda) that are convenient for our families.

How do you attract new customers?  

While we have invested in some marketing, we have quickly realized that word-of-mouth referrals is the best way to attract new customers and grow our business.  We focus our efforts on recruiting the best possible instructors to teach quality swim lessons.

How do you stay in touch with current customers?

The old fashioned way, through individual emails and in-person conversations.  One of us is always at the pool and we know every single parent and their child(ren) by name.  Our parents know that they have open lines of communication with us and we are frequently in touch to discuss their children’s progress in their lessons.

What registration software do you use and do you like it?

Another reason we chose to work with SafeSplash is they utilize a system that was built internally by the CIO of the company.  It is a godsend to us and we don’t know what we would do without it!

How do you determine the best time of day to host your classes?

We listen to our customers and plan our lessons around their schedules.  We currently open at 4:00pm during the week and offer our last lesson at 7:00pm.  This suits a variety of after-school and bedtime schedules. For the weekends, we are open as early as 9:00am until as late as 1:00pm depending on the location.

How do you manage a business and your family at the same time?

Our customers often see our 15 month old daughter, Anabel, at the pool with one of us, either helping us on deck by greeting parents and children or in the pool in a Parent and Me lesson.  We are a family business in the truest sense and, while it isn’t always easy to balance the demands that owning a business and raising a family brings, we are having a lot of fun embarking on this adventure together.