M​eet co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Katy Lynch of Codeverse. Codeverse is a coding studio for kids ages 6-13 with three Chicagoland locations.  They offer weeklong camps, after-school, evening and weekend classes.  Learn what makes Codeverse’s interactive studio unique, how they attract new customers, ways they communicate with current customers and more!

Please describe Codeverse and your programs.

Codeverse is the world’s first fully interactive coding studio for kids aged 6-13, founded on the mission to “teach a billion kids to code”. We offer after-school, evening, and weekend classes as well as weeklong camps at our state-of-the-art facilities. 
Do you give away free trials and if so, why?
Yes, we do. We believe that our product is exceptional, and so we invite every child to check us out before committing to a membership. 
How do you find quality instructors?
We hire certified K-12 Chicago teachers, designers, coders, and even improv comedy actresses and actors to teach our classes. The blend of all of these skillsets creates a dynamic, fun, and inspirational coding environment for our students. 
How do you attract new customers?
Many ways, Through word-of-mouth, referrals, SEO, direct mail, email marketing, and traditional PR. 
How do you stay in touch with current customers?
Email marketing, Facebook advertising, SMS/phone, and in-studio campaigns. 
Do you plan to offer programs for younger kids?
No. Our curriculum has been designed and developed specifically for 6-13 year olds. 
Do you use Facebook ads?  If so, do you find it successful?
Yes – absolutely. Facebook ads are a fantastic way for us to connect with our current fans and reach new audiences who are interested in our classes and camps. 
What registration software do you use and do you like it?
We have built our own software. So, yes! 🙂 We love it.