June 25, 2019

The Morning Snack is back with a quick read of the most important headlines in parenting this week in bite size morsels for your busy life. 

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The Morning Snack Parenting News

A morning laugh

With nearly a million shares in the past week, you may have seen this already, but we couldn’t let this week go by without including this hilarious dad’s attempt to get his daughter to stop wearing short shorts. 

Pretty sure this isn’t just a Gen X problem…

In case you thought you were alone, mama in your 40’s who is struggling with the demands of life…you are not. Women all over the country are facing a new kind of midlife crisis.  Our millennial moms are fairly certain we’re having it, too, btw. 

Incredible and terrifying

Achrophobia can get worse for parents after having children, but this family seems to have defied that trend, helping their 10 year old daughter to become the youngest person to scale Yosemite

For your family’s health and wellness

Our kids’ favorite fruit is getting harder and harder to find as another berry recall hits Costco over Hepatitis A risk. 

Lawnmower injuries to children, especially on riding mowers are becoming increasingly common.  Here’s what you should know. 

Parenting Quote

In happier wellness news…

Meanwhile parent favorite Target is getting all the feels for this Texas location’s incredibly inclusive breastfeeding policy.  And Pampers is installing 5,000 changing tables in men’s restrooms around the country thanks to this dad’s viral post last year.  

And we thought downtime was just to maintain your sanity…

Turns out there’s art in doing nothing for parents and for children.  Sounds like we’ll have to tune out those “I’m boooored” comments this summer if we want to help our children discover what they truly love

Well, that was fast

You’ll soon be seeing more of that cute dad and baby from last week’s edition of the Morning snack, as the two will be featured in upcoming Denny’s commercials.  Guess that’s what happens when you get 58 million views! 

Parenting Hacks

These no-tie laces are making parenting news all over.  With over 1 million pairs sold, we’re guessing there are 2 million parents out there getting 3 minutes of their lives back every day. 

And check out these YouTube alternatives to download on your kids’ tablets. 

And because we can’t help but share…

Pearachute made the news twice last week!  

The cutest way to add to your summer reading list

You can have your kiddo be the hero in these adorable personalized stories from Kabook


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