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Tuesday June 18, 2019

Happy Belated Father’s Day! Here are some ways to keep the holiday (and tears) going:

We dare you not tear up at Budweiser’s celebration of stepdads.  This blended family shows how easy it is to share the love in this modern, complicated world.  And, we couldn’t honor dads without celebrating the cutest new royal daddy.  And then there’s this cute daddy video with 1.5 shares.

In other stories of awesomeness and inclusion during Pride Month…

My Little Pony is introducing their first gay characters in the form of same sex couple, Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty.  And Cartoon Network has created Pride Month swag featuring your kiddo’s favorite characters.  Checkout family-friendly Pride month celebrations all over the U.S. here.

The U.S. Women’s World Cup team makes history…and the next round.

The U.S. Women’s team made World Cup history (both men’s and women’s) for their incredible win against Thailand (13-0), making the game the highest scoring World Cup Game of all time, the most goals scored by a team in a single match, and the most individual goal scorers in a game.  Their victory over Chile on Sunday clinched their move to the next round.

A two hour outage sent the country into a frenzy

If you somehow missed the drama on Facebook, Target registers were out for 2 hours on Saturday, and it looks like the problem may not be fully solved.  We’re hearing major PTSD after shoppers were forced to abandon carts full of stuff they never knew they needed but had to have.

Pride Month QOTD

For your family’s health

If you have plans to visit Punta Cana, you may want to delay or cancel.  Dozens of people are getting mysteriously ill across the island and several people have died from their illnesses.   

Monsanto is catching well-deserved flack for the contaminated cereals that are certainly in most of our pantries.

And new studies blame junk food for the rise in kids’ food allergies…one more thing to add to your guilty parent list.

As we’ve seen in recent celebrity tragedies, this is the season when water safety is crucial.  Here are some things every parent should know.

In case you needed to feel better about those Apple screen time reports…

This computer scientists shares why you shouldn’t be so quick to ban screen time.

Toy Story 4 is exceeding expectations, but be prepared to discuss a few scenes

While people are raving about the new film, true to Toy Story form there are some seriously emotional scenes and somewhat scary characters, you may want to be prepared for.

Not so recent, but definitely a trend we’re seeing…

Parents are turning to hemp and CBD oil as an alternative to anti-anxiety meds or…wine.  Evidence is still anecdotal but pretty compelling.

Parenting can be hard and scary, here are some darker topics worth knowing about:

Phoenix parents of a young child accused of taking a doll from a Family Dollar store last week soared into the headlines after a video went viral of the police holding the family at gunpoint.  The family is seeking $10M in damages for emotional distress.

Before preschool, there’s Monti Kids. 

Think you can’t afford Montessori? Think again, this company is bringing it to your home for less than $100/mo! Check out Monti Kids special offers here!

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