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How do you consume your news?

Where do you get your news?  Most likely, you just avoid it. The main source of your news consumption comes from scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.  The important stories aren’t always covered or given their light of day on social media.  Don’t worry, the Morning Snack has you covered!

The Latest in Parenting

The Morning Snack brings you the best parenting news, straight to your inbox every week. It’s a quick read of the most important headlines in parenting in bite-size morsels for your busy life.  The Morning Snack covers all parenting news. It covers pop culture, political headlines, technology, happy stories, and controversial topics so you can stop on top of everything parent-related.  Above all, we are focused on bringing you the news, not taking sides.  We share the headlines in stackable sizes for your quick consumption. Also, we provide links to reliable sources and articles if you want to research further.

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Adding the Morning Snack to your weekly inbox is no large commitment.  In fact, reading our newsletter will take only 5 minutes out of your morning. Above all, we ask you to try it.  Take 5 minutes once a week and take in all the important topics in the parenting world.  As a result, we promise you will be a better more informed parent because of it! Subscribe to the Morning Snack!

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Give Your Feedback

Are we missing something? Let us know if you find any interesting topics we should highlight in our next newsletter. After all the parents need to be heard! Therefore, we would love to hear the heart-warming stories you have found or even the topics that are keeping you up at night.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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