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Friday May 24, 2019

Working parents:  Let’s all do this…

This Atlantic reporter is challenging us to change corporate culture, “End the Plague of Secret Parenting” , by not hiding our family priorities at work. She argues that by sharing our home life obligations, we’ll create more receptive environments for parents, especially post paternal leave.  I’ll start…I’ll be leaving at 4 today to coach my son’s soccer team.

The ocean setting on your meditation app is helpful but the real thing is better…

Research shows that actually being near water changes the brain and reduces depression. Combine that with the lasting health benefits of family vacations on children, and you’ve got a clear winner for your summer getaway.

Say what? Our reaction to the President’s proposed paid family leave bill.

It’s bad enough that the U.S. is one of the only countries in the developed world not to offer paid family leave. Now, the president’s new bill proposes parents “borrow” the time from their retirement.

For example, the 12 weeks you take off now for your baby will delay your access to social security by 12 weeks.  Hopefully our leaders will soon get the memo that we need parents to have babies to even have social security in the future.

Can we spread out the love a bit?

There are a lot of holidays in May celebrating women (and men) (Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurse appreciation week, Maternal Mental Health Week, Postpartum Depression Month).  They’re all so important…can we spread them out a bit?

Because…well screens save lives:

Not sure how to explain “for now” parents to your little ones–meet Karli, Sesame Street’s newest little monster is sure to win over your entire family.  

Wondering if your kids’ favorites are appropriate? CommonSense Media has you covered with the best kids’ shows of 2019 with age recs.

Parenting can be hard and scary, here are some darker topics worth knowing about:

Misinformed parents of children with autism are using bleach to “treat” them… Secret Facebook groups are encouraging them to do it.  

If I had a nickel…

New vocab word: Anti-vaxxer. It seems like we can’t escape the conversation on vaccines. Thanks to our new, catchy, clearly negative terminology, we may have a new scarlet letter in parenting.  

Onto happier topics…

The best things to do this Memorial Day Weekend with kids in your city!

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