Activity Providers in the kid activity all have different ways of operating. We work with small businesses that may only have an owner and a few employees, all the way up to franchises with locations all over the country. It’s important to have flexible options so we can accommodate to the needs of these small business owners, larger corporations, and everything in-between! 

That is why we have multiple options when it comes to partnering with Pearachute. We have a free option that will start introducing any open spots partners are looking to fill, a base plan that will help partners to drive more traffic to specific activities on their website, and a premium plan that helps large companies, with a mass amount of activities, gain exposure in all of their available inventory.

Below you can discover a more in-depth explanation of these plans!

The Free Option

This plan is our favorite. It helps small business owners to gain free exposure without paying anything upfront. Free Partners are given access to their partner portal where they are in total control of what activities are listed. They can even be in charge of how many spots are available to book through Pearachute. Adding/Removing spots can be done on any device at any time, so as an activity approaches, they can be in control of what spots are available. That way, if parents are booking on their website, it can be taken down. If they are struggling to fill spots on their end, they can add more availability on Pearachute. Whether they are looking to fill 1 or 100 spots in a certain activity, we can help.

The Base Plan

Taking a percentage does not fit into all business models. Some bigger privately owned businesses, franchises, and activity providers that allocate costs of equipment of the event (e.g. ceramics, cooking, and painting classes that involve supplies) fit into this option better. With this option, partners can link up to ten activities directly from their registration platform. That way, they can receive 100% of the transaction.

The Premium Plan

Partners can use this as the ultimate way to drive our families to their site. They are granted unlimited links to their registration platform. You can think of this as a Base Plan but without the ten-link cap. Large businesses with multiple locations love this plan.

If you want to learn more about these plans, please check out our pricing page.