Pearachute’s New Saved Feature

As of this past week, we have launched Version 1.0 of the new Saved feature on the Pearachute app. You will notice that all activities and locations now have a small heart in the upper right hand corner. By clicking on the heart you can save your favorite activities and locations for easy viewing and future planning. Your saved list can be found in the bottom navigation under the heart icon.

Saved Feature

While you browse through drop-ins, special events, or everything, save the activities that are interesting to you. You can save and unsave activities by simply clicked the heart icon. This makes searching events less stressful, so that you never lose your place.

View your saved activities

Create a list of activities tailored perfectly for you and your family. This makes it easier for users to view dates, times, and details of their favorite activities in one controlled list. In version 2.0 you will also be able to create multiple lists and share them with friends and family!

Save your favorite locations

Along with individual activities, you can also save your favorite business locations. This will make it easier to see when new activities or events have been listed at your favorite spots.

Give us your Feedback!

We are excited to launch Version 1.0 of the new Saved feature. Considering this is a new installment, we welcoming all feedback from our users on how we can continue to improve. Please feel free to voice any concerns or suggestions on how we can develop this feature in future updates. We want to make the best experience for you and your family, so all feedback is greatly appreciated!

Start saving your favorite activities on Pearachute!