Save more with our new plan options

Starting today, we’ve introduced three new plan options so families can save even more with their Pearachute monthly membership:

  • 5 credits/month for $17 ($3.40/credit)
  • 13 credits/month for $39 (3.00/credit)
  • 30 credits/month for $75 ($2.50/credit)

As with all of our monthly membership options, families can keep and use rollover credits for up to 12 months with an active plan. 

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Can you still use Pearachute without a monthly membership?

Absolutely! Families can continue to purchase credits à la carte for $3.75/credit and use them to book any activity offered on Pearachute, including drop-in classes, camps, sessions, special events and more. 

And while you will still save on activities by purchasing this way, we wanted the value of being a monthly member to be unquestionable.  And at this new pricing, it absolutely is. No matter what you’re booking, your savings will be meaningful. And the more credits you buy, the more you save. 

Will this change the credit cost of activities?

Nope, the credit cost of all of your favorite activities will remain the same! In fact, we’ve introduced these new plans to make activities more affordable for families. Most classes range from 2-9 credits, so depending on your membership type, you can be saving up to 25% on retail cost with these new options. Here’s the breakdown of the price per credit for each plan:

  • 5 Credit Plan: Pay just $3.40/credit
  • 13 Credit Plan: Pay just 3.00/credit
  • 30 Credit Plan Plan: Pay just $2.50/credit

Popular San Francisco Activities 

Pearachute families can use credits to book more than 1,200 monthly activities from 150+ partner locations across the San Francisco Bay area. From drop in classes to campssessions and more, there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Take a look below to explore some of the popular activities for each category or view the full schedule and get recommendations based on location, child’s age and interests.

Drop In Kids’ Classes 

The Rec Room – Drop in Play, 2 Credits

Fit4Mom – Stroller Strides, 5 Credits

My Gym – Gymsters, 6 Credits

Special Events

The Walt Disney Family Museum – General Admission, 3 Credits for Kids & 7 Credits for Adults

Habitat Chidren’s Museum – Day Pass, 3 Credits

Aquarium of the Bay – General Admission Voucher, 6 Credits for Kids & 9 Credits for Adults

Camps & Sessions

Dragonfly Designs – Art & Jewelry Camp, 22 Credits

Maker Studio – Loom Lab! Weaving & Textile Design, 118 Credits (5 Classes)

Young Gates – Online Python Programming Camp, 146 Credits (4 Week Camp)