Yet again, another fast summer comes to an end. No more summer camp or water parks–time to buckle down and hit the books!

With fall and school up and coming, it’s important to make an effort in bringing back your customers from before the summer vacation. Parents often get out of the flow of things once their children are home for an entire 3 months. 

Not only should you make an effort to bring in new customers, but how are you giving back to those loyal customers who you know love your business.

Send Them a Reocurring Discount/Coupon

If you have an email or real-life address of your loyal customer, send them a loyalty discount. Not only will they love saving money, but you will show them that you value loyalty and reward it. Even a small gesture can make a huge difference.

Create a Membership Club

Building off discounts, you can give them to your members by incentivizing purchases. For example, for every 4 classes they book, give them one on the house. After 100 purchases, give them a 15% discount on all classes. You can get creative with this and make one that suits your business model.

Do The Basics Well

Building loyalty is really building trust. When a parent choosing an activity for their child, knowing that the place you are going to is clean, safe, and fun are key factors. Never skip cleaning the bathrooms or playspace. Always ask for the best customer service from your team. Instill an everyday environment that fosters fun and excitement. 

Get to Know Them

Customers are people, too. You don’t always have to be selling a service to them. Whenever you have a chance, ask them questions about their life, kids, careers, interests, and hobbies. Build relationships with them. Those are the people that will keep coming back to your business for life.

Make Their Family Feel Special

In the kid activity space, the challenge is a tad different. During the activity, instructors are not only trying to give a great service to the parents, but you also have to please the kids. Taking note of their child’s needs matter more than anything else to them. Learn what they want to do at an activity/event so they are the biggest advocates to come back. Point out an activity they are really good with. Encourage them to try other activities you have to offer. Just put the time in making sure the children are having fun, learning, and improving.

Give Out Branded Merch

People love free stuff. Distribute merch to a customer who has been with you over a certain amount of time. For example, after being a customer for over a week, give out wristbands. Over a month? Shirts. A Year? Hoodies. As time adds, so should the value of the merch. Make an ordeal when someone gets on of those hoodies, too. You want other customers to want that hoodie, too. Not to mention, this is a great way to promote your business!

Ask & Listen

They are on a never-ending battle with their kids to get them to listen, so make it easy for them to be heard. You should be checking reviews from yelp, facebook, google, etc and responding. Respond with a thank you and what your business is going to do to fix it (or what you have done) Also, ask these parents in person about their experience. While talking to them, ask what could have been better.

Make Improvements Based on Feedback

Once you have reviews and feedback from your customers, improve. Make your customers a priority. Now, don’t take every review to heart, but when you see trends don’t ignore them. At the very least, you should have an answer to the obligations/concerns or these reviews. But if you’re able to make a change for the better, do it. Good reviews don’t happen overnight, either. You can use reviews as an indicator of how much loyalty you’ve earned. 

Giving out merch and discounts are great ways to build trust, but the most important thing is listening and improving! If you’re not doing those two things, customers will notice and not trust you.

You truly have to put in the time and care about your customers to win their loyalty and trust. But, the benefits far outweigh the work. It’s always important to make sure your customers feel valued, heard, and respected.