As we all know, bringing in new business is key to helping out with the success of yours. But, it can be difficult coming up with ways to bring in more customers. 

1. Offer a free class/activity and promote it on social media.

An easy way to intense new families to try out your activity is by offering a free class. People love free courses so they can come in, try it out, and not lose anything. 

Just make sure you give this new customer a great experience, so they are eager to come back!

You can promote the class by posting it on social media. To go even further, make it, so people have to share and like your social page, before receiving the full class, to gain free exposure!

2. Host a Special Event

Another great way to bring in new families is by hosting an event to the public. Whether it is free or paid, both can be successful.

Some ideas for events would be grand openings, parent meet-n-greets, back to school/summers out event, holiday get-togethers (bring in Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, etc.), and much more.

As long as people are coming in and having a great time at your venue, they are going to associate your business with a good time and want to bring their kids back!

 3. Create a Referral Program

With your current customers, give them the ability to “refer a friend” for a free class/session. If they sign up for a class through their referral, also give them a free class.

You can give out cards with unique codes or have the family name be the referral.

Parents are already happy to share what places they love to bring their kids with their friends, but if you give them an incentive on top of it, it can pay off.

4. List through Pearachute

Partnering with Pearachute is a great way to bring in more families. We partner with fantastic art studios, music studios, sports centers, indoor playspaces, swimming clubs, amusement parks, movie theatres, and so much more!

There is no better place to find families that are eager to enroll their children in family-fun activities. You can create listings for drop-ins, classes, lessons, tickets, camps, programs, sessions, and even birthday parties

Oh, did I mention it’s free to list!?

Learn more on our Partner page.

5. Add a coupon to your website.

Adding a coupon to your website can be a massive help in converting new visitors into customers.

If they see a class or activity, they want to enroll their child in but are unsure, having a discount available might tip the scales in your favor!

Just imagine scrolling through places to bring your child into, if you were unsure about which one to pick, having a coupon available could be a significant deciding factor.

No matter what, it’s important to try new things to bring in new customers. Like any company their are trials and error, but make sure you are understanding what works and what doesn’t.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to give families a great experience! Keeping people happy and satisfied will make them more likely to come back again and again. 🙂