New Feature: Instant Booking on Pearachute

Instant Booking on PearachuteLast week, we launched a new way for Pearachute families to book activities with enrichment providers.  The new format is called Instant Booking, and it allows parents to quickly book an activity using their credit card on file.  In many ways it will feel similar to how Pearachute Partners received bookings in the past, but with three major differences. 

First and most importantly, the funds will become immediately available to you at the point of booking.  This works through an integration we built with Stripe that allows you to connect your bank account to Stripe Connect, receiving funds immediately.  

Second, we are no longer offering classes at a discount through our credits.  Soon, credits will be like airline miles that can be redeemed for perks and gift cards on Pearachute.  But we will  no longer be paying out providers at the 50/60% payout rates we did in the past.  Instead, any booking that happens on Pearachute will be paid out minus a 5% processing fee for Pearachute and 2.9% +$0.30 for Stripe. 

Third, we’ve created a way for families to donate the credit card processing fees, so you’ll get to keep as much money as possible.  We estimate that 40% of families will do this, which can really add up. 

Finally, one of the biggest reasons to add Instant Booking to some or all of your listings is that we are partnering with the largest search engine in the world to help improve our partners’ search rankings.  By adding even one instant booking virtual or in-person activity, you can get additional ranking priority through this partnership. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. You input (or have our team input) any activities you want to list for Instant Booking.  Or, you can choose existing listings in your partner portal to become Instant Booking activities. 
  2. When you get a booking, you will receive an email about the booking, and you will see the full details of the booking including children’s names and ages, parents’ contact information, and the dates and times for the bookings. 
  3. When a family books and activity for their children, we automatically send a push message to their friends on Pearachute encouraging them to join as well.  
  4. Finally, you receive the parents’ email addresses if you’d like to follow up with any zoom links, waivers, or requests for additional information. You should also add the family to your existing CRM so you can continue to market to them directly. 

You can decide whether you want families to be able to cancel their bookings or not when you list on Pearachute.  If you do allow for cancellations on Pearachute, then Stripe will return the funds to the family minus credit card processing fees. 

Below are some examples that are perfect for Instant Booking: 

  • Virtual classes or activities.  
  • Virtual tutoring or camps
  • Kids’ Night Out
  • Week or Single Day camps
  • Full season or multi-week sessions
  • Single day drop-ins, open play, or open jump
  • Virtual or in-person Birthday parties

We don’t recommend Instant Booking for the following:

  • Performances that require assigned seating (unless you can hold tickets at will call).