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We know that children’s activity and entertainment providers have a long road ahead, but our children need your creativity and passion now more than ever. As your free marketing partner, Pearachute helps get your business in front of thousands of local families, so you can focus on what’s most important — enriching the lives of children.

About Pearachute

Pearachute is the world’s largest online aggregator and marketplace for busy parents looking to discover and book enrichment activities for their children. We work a bit like Expedia or OpenTable, making it easy for parents to search in a single spot for activities their children will love.

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We’re trusted by the best and work with 3,000 activity providers nationwide. 

Showcase Your Business & Acquire New Families

As an enrichment provider, you can list any activity, class, camp, birthday party, special event, or even just your hours of operation completely for FREE. Listing activities on Pearachute can get you tens of thousands of monthly pageviews and site visits, introducing your business to new families and helping existing families get notified when you offer new activities or open registrations.

Add drop in activities for kids ages 0-12 –  sports, art, music, enrichment classes and more. 

Promote camps year round – whether they’re one-off day camps, seasonal camps or after school activities. 

Hosting a special event or celebration? Add it to Pearachute to help promote and boost attendance. 

List birthday party availabilities and offerings so families can visit you on their child’s special day. 

Showcase your location’s general information – hours of operations, reviews, company updates & announcements, photos and more. 

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1. List your business & activities.

Create your free profile today to list your business and promote your upcoming activities. 

2. Choose how you want bookings to happen.

Families can instantly book your activities directly on Pearachute or you can choose to link directly to your booking platform or receive leads via email.

3. Meet new families!

Pearachute is the #1 destination to meet new families – we help you get your business in front of the right audience at the right time.

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Pearachute is free to list activities, but if you want to allow Instant Booking on Pearachute, there is a 5% charge or a minimum of $1.50 per booking. Credit card processing fees are an additional 2.9% + $0.30. 

You can manage your listings through your partner portal, which you can create for free anytime by going to  If you would prefer, you can have an account representative manage your listings for a small fee of $25 per month. You can sign up for that service here.

Instant booking allows families to easily book activities with just two clicks on Pearachute.  You will receive the booking in your partner portal and via email with the family’s full information including children’s names, ages, phone numbers, emergency contacts and more.  This is parents’ favorite way to book, and we recommend testing at least a few activities with Instant Booking so you can see how much better it performs. 

Pearachute has integrated with Stripe Connect, so that your business gets paid as soon as the customer makes the transaction minus processing fees.  The funds can be auto-swept into your bank account or pulled whenever you need them.  

Yes! We know that different software serves different businesses, and there’s no perfect solution for every category. Think of Pearachute more like a virtual catalogue.  We make it easy for families to search and filter for activities their kids will love.  But we don’t replace your existing registration software and we even integrate with some! 

Absolutely!  If you like, you can use Pearachute to manage all of your bookings. We are a great solution for smaller businesses not needing a full-service registration software (e.g. classroom or staff management, email marketing tools, or subscriptions).  

If you choose to have a dedicated account representative, you will be working directly with an underemployed parent or childcare expert who we have hired post COVID-19 to help families recover.  You can simply send them a link to your schedules and they will take care of the rest! 

Yes, you can remove your listings anytime from your partner portal.