A Husband’s Guide to Mother’s Day 2019

Attention all Husbands, Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away, and we need to talk.  

Now there are several ways you can swing it for the Mother of your children.  Flowers, jewelry, spa gift certificates, or DIY crafts from the kids. Maybe even breakfast in bed, or run some loads of laundry.   

Although Mother’s Day is dedicated to celebrating our hardworking mamas and spouses, there is an unspoken truth about Mom’s “big day.”  It’s overrated. Yes, it’s nice to feel appreciated, yet Mother’s day typically ends up being another day filled with toddler chaos, messes to be cleaned, and parading from place to place.  Like Valentine’s Day or New Years Eve, Mother’s Day never seems to live up to the hype.

To all the Moms reading this, send the link over to your hubby and give him some direction on how to win the day!

Let Her Sleep In, For Real

Unless your wife is the type to wake up for 6:00 am runs every morning, don’t wake her up on Mother’s Day.

That means, sneaking out of the bedroom as quietly as you can and letting her sleep until she is ready to get up. Uninterrupted sleep is the holy guacamole for moms, so make sure you are watching the kids and keeping them from bothering her.

Start the day off right by letting her sleep like a hungover college student and whenever she decides to rise from her glorious slumber, have a large cup of coffee ready.

Mother’s Day Breakfast Goals

Fuel her appetite, whether it’s homemade breakfast in bed, family breakfast with the kids, her favorite order from Starbucks, or a trip to her favorite brunch spot.  Ask her ahead of time what she will enjoy. Let the kids, “help”, but make sure it’s gourmet and presented beautifully so that she will say, “Thanks a brunch!”

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Eliminate Her To-Do List

Cleaning up around the house is a great way to put Mom at ease on her special day.  We aren’t talking about simply taking out the trash and doing the dishes. Make the house spotless and sparkling so she has nothing to worry about.  Hire a professional cleaning service while she is out of the house, as close to Mother’s Day as possible, so that the clean lasts. Or tackle the house on your own and get the kids to help out!

Get the Girls Together

Coordinate with her best friend’s husbands and schedule time in the afternoon for them to hangout together.  As busy as Motherhood is, she will appreciate the chance for some much needed girl-time with some friends.

If you have family nearby, coordinate ahead of time for Mom, grandma, or Mother-in-law to see each other and spend some quality mom-and-daughter time.

Get the Kids Involved

Mother’s Day tends to be hard to balance relaxation and family bonding.  It’s best to give her a little bit of both. When Mom is out of the house or still sleeping, have your kids write her a heartwarming card.  Avoid the messy crafts that will likely end up in the trash. Giving her something more tangible like a photo of the kids with a thoughtful note will likely warm her heart.  Extra hugs and kisses from the little ones won’t hurt either. 🙂

End Her Day with Relaxation

As the day starts to wind down, have the kids say goodnight to Mom and send them upstairs to bed.  Draw her a bath, pour her a glass of wine, and set up her favorite show for her to enjoy the rest of Mother’s Day.  Even write her a personal note telling her how much you love and appreciate her.

Questions to Ask before Mother’s Day

Granted these are only suggestions, make sure to ask her what she wants her Mother’s Day to look like.  Don’t frame your questioning in a way that she ends up planning her entire day. Instead, ask her if she wants to be surprised or if there is something specific she wants to do.  At the end of the day you know her best and know what makes her feel truly loved and happy.

Mother’s Day is Everyday

Every Mother anticipates that their kids will behave or be loving, at least for Mother’s Day.  Yet, from younger children, it can be difficult to get that kind of appreciation and cooperation.

As a father and husband, propose the theme of frequently giving each other small gifts and notes.  Real genuine love and appreciation for Mom and everyone in the family should be recognized on a daily basis.

Create a family note box, where the kids, you and your wife can write one note about someone every week.  At the end of the year, or even next Mother’s Day you can read all the notes from the past year. This will help Mom appreciate the little things that happen every day.  The sweet things that your kids remember about you. The funny moments that made you giggle. Documenting the silly things that your kids say or the things they did that make your heart melt.  An unprompted Mother’s Day card that happens throughout the year, feels more authentic and genuine than the last minute Mother’s Day card.

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