by Allison Gordon

The Gordon Family
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I’ve been using Urbansitter since January and absolutely love the value it provides.  Over the course of the last 7 months, I’ve used 3 different sitters and booked 2 of those sitters on multiple occasions.

As soon as I created my Urbansitter profile I was able to select groups of which I am a member.  Urbansitter recommended sitters for me based on those that are highly rated by members in the common groups.  I am also able to connect Urbansitter with my social media contacts to see which sitters my friends have used and recommend.  When selecting a sitter, it’s always reassuring to know a fellow group member or friend can recommend the sitter.

Find and Book Childcare with Ease

Searching for a sitter is very easy. After inputting the day and time you need a sitter you can easily filter the list of options by the rate they charge, rating, distance, and more.  Sitters that you have used before or have marked as a favorite are displayed first, if they are available.  Once you send a booking request the sitter will usually respond within a hour.  You can also post a job and any interested sitters can apply.  I personally like to read through the sitters profiles and narrow it down from there.

Sitters set their own rates and many take cash or credit card payments.  The credit card payment option that Urbansitter offers is one of my favorite features.  I can easily pay my sitters via credit card with the click of a button on the Urbansitter site or app.  Sitters and parents are not charged a fee for this feature.  No more stopping on the way home to get cash at the ATM to pay the babysitter. Sitters receive their credit card payment via a bank transfer from Urbansitter.

The sitters I’ve used have been so friendly and professional. My two kiddos have absolutely had a blast with all of them.  I was a bit nervous having never met them beforehand, but their detailed profiles and number of glowing reviews left by fellow group members helped put my mind at ease.  My husband and I have really enjoyed being able to have a regular date night this year thanks to Urbansitter.  

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