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Monday June 3, 2019

“Dr., Is this normal?”

Group prenatal visits are a growing trend across the U.S.  Seems like a great way to save money and make some built in parenting friends, and let others ask those awkward questions.

One small step for Dad, one giant leap for mankind

A class action settlement against JPMorgan Chase potentially awarding $5 million in back parental leave payments could set a new standard for parental leave equality across large corporations.  The high price tag may pay dividends, as a new study finds that increased sharing of early care responsibilities by dads leads to bigger brains in mammals.  

Tiny miracles

The world’s smallest baby, born at 23 weeks and weighing just 8.6 oz is now a healthy infant and was released from the San Diego hospital where she was delivered 5 months ago.  We heart science so hard right now.

Pretty sure we knew this one…

Spoiler alert “cold parenting” isn’t good for kids…but maybe we didn’t know that it could cause premature aging and disease.

And to further complicate parenting, this NY Times article says a lot of our efforts may be completely in vain.

Not sure how to feel about this one…old or nostalgic?

Nick Jr’s Blue’s Clues is back with a modern update, as Broadway’s Alladdin takes the reigns in Blue’s Clues & You.  

Parenting can be hard and scary, here are some darker topics worth knowing about:

We don’t have words for this…sending love and prayers to the families of the 18 children victims in Kawasaki, Japan

In “Everything is Awesome” news…

Legoland is opening a new theme park in New York…bring on the master builders!

Warning: Controversial post

We want to be able to cover topics in the news without backlash…after all, we’re sharing the news not making it.  A new study shows that raising children without religion may have positive effects on empathy and altruism.  We’re not taking sides on this one.

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