Summer fun has a grip on everyone. For many families that means beach vacations, trips to amusement parks, and day camp for kids. These activities are a great way to spend the dog days of summer, but they can have a burden on our wallets. According to a new Pearachute Survey, summer family spending adds up fast.

Pearachute Summer Spending Survey 2019

In an effort to learn how parents are budgeting their summer spending, Pearachute conducted an online survey of 600 parents. For context, 76% of parents reported having 1 or 2 children. 55% of respondents had a household income over 100k, and 45% reported under $100k. Checkout some of the biggest takeaways from our family summer survey below.

The survey focused on 4 major categories that most families account for when budgeting out their summer. If you are a family that uses summer childcare services, sends their kids to summer camp, takes a family vacation and day trips…you are bound to spend $10k this summer.

63% of families are paying for childcare this summer

childcare summer spending

School is out, the kids are home, but you still have to go to work. Summer schedules can be just as crazy as during the school year. Therefore, many parents resort to hiring a nanny for the summer. They bring their kids to daycare, nursery school, or occasionally get a babysitter or family member to help out. According to the survey, 63% of families reported having to pay for summer childcare in one form or another. With 11 weeks of summer, childcare costs can start to add up quickly. With the average cost of child care being $1,814 for the summer, it can be even more costly for parents with multiple children and need help 5 days a week. Some families estimated childcare costs to from $5,000 to $10,000 for the summer!

On average, families are spending $2,344 to send their kids to camp this summer

How do we keep our children engaged with new ideas and spending time with their peers? 52% of families are sending their kids to summer camp. Just like childcare, summer camp can get expensive. The estimated average per day at camp is $159. Most parents have multiple children, therefore they are paying for more than one camp. Families are paying for, on average, about 2 weeks of summer camp, which totals to $2,344. And that’s only 2 weeks out of the summer…

4 in 5 families are planning to vacation this summer, spending on average $2,232

summer family spending vacations

Some of our greatest memories growing up comes from our summer vacations with family. It’s no wonder, 4 in 5 families are expected to take a vacation this summer. Whether you are planning a fun weekend getaway, a week long beach trip, or a stayaction with fun day trips — family vacations have plenty of travel expenses. (See chart below)

Vacation expenses

And don’t forget about daily entertainment…

summer family spending entertainment

After accounting for childcare, summer camp, and vacation costs, you can see how costly the summer lifestyle can get with children. And that’s excluding other family fun activities. Families will also accumulate costs from eating out as a family, going to the movies, museums, play spaces, pools and waterparks, and plenty more! Families are spending on average $2695 on entertainment activities for the entirety of summer. (See chart below)

Entertainment expenses

When summer is all said and done, the average family will have spent over $10K. At Pearachute we want to help parents budget their family summer spending and minimize their expenses while also offering the best in family entertainment. Try Pearachute today to easily find family activities such as drop-in classes, museum admissions, waterpark passes, summer family concerts, and more!

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