Why Anti-Prime Day?

There is a lot of buzz surrounding Amazon Prime Day. Instead of falling in love with another sale for an item you probably can live without, consider this

Give your family the gift of experience this summer, because at the end of the day life is about living not collecting.

Choose Experiences over Things!

At Pearachute, we would like to shift your focus away from buying electronics or clothes. Instead of a Prime Day shopping spree, give your kids the gift of experience this summer.

First, think about how life has changed in the last 10 years. Even though technology promised we would have more leisure, people are actually working more than ever before. It’s getting harder to find meaningful time to spend with our families.

People are being exposed to more information. You can look up just about anything and everything on your phone. Even though, our attention spans are getting shorter, our ability to process and absorb content is increasing at an alarming rate.

The media may say buying that new summer outfit will make you happy, but people are starting to realize that is not the case.

The largest retail store in the world, Amazon, doesn’t own any items. The most popular hotel chain, AirBnB, doesn’t own any hotels. The largest transportation service, Uber, doesn’t own any vehicles.

It’s no wonder people are valuing experiences over owning more things.

Why own a car when you can hire a driver for essentially the same cost without any of the stresses associated with owning one?

Jobs are allowing more people ability to work from home. It is easy and getting more affordable to travel and work from anywhere. Therefore, why buy a home when you don’t know how long you will stay there?

The most pressing question…Why buy a bunch of gifts, when you can spend your time and money on doing things with your family and friends?

Spend meaningful time with the people you love

We remember and value our experiences more than the collection of stuff sitting in the closet.

After all, would people rather listen about the new headphones you just bought, or the time you took your kids to a new waterpark, or family festival in the city.

Even more importantly, what will your kids remember most…wearing that new shirt they will grow out of in 6 months or the time they went to the ball game with Dad?

Our mission is to help families spend more meaningful time together through new experiences.

Pearachute is offering members 250 credits for $235! You can use these credits all year long.

Whether its bringing your kids to the local splash park, a mommy and me yoga class, or family tickets to see the new Lion King…there is something for every family!

Give your family the gift of experience this summer, because at the end of the day life is about living not collecting.

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