Originally published Mother’s Day 2017.

“…[C]hildren don’t need our ideas and expectations, or our dominance and control, only for us to be attuned to them with our engaged presence.” Shefali Tsabary, The Conscious Parent

As a mom, I personally feel like Mother’s Day brings a variety of emotions, not all of them good.  In the week leading up to the day, I often vacillate among a series of thoughts: a sense of pride at how far I’ve come since those early days of insecurity; a desire to have a picture perfect, shareable day that reminds me that I’m loved, a fear of disappointment that the day won’t be special, and gratitude that I have these little beings in my life that teach me how to see the world again through new eyes.

It’s also a time of reflection.  Am I being the mom that I want to be?  Am I spending enough time reading, teaching, listening and loving?  My brain searches for little moments where I’ve done those things, and I picture them briefly to assure myself I am. When I take inventory of those moments, it’s not the daily habits that stick out, but the moments of intentional breaking with our everyday rhythm.  It’s choosing to be focused and present and giving them all of me.

And I have to admit, most of those moments happen outside of our home, where there’s no laundry, no grocery delivery, no TV in another room to distract me or them.  It happens when I get down on the ground and paint glow in the dark paint on a paper cat, when I bounce in sticky socks on a trampoline the size of a soccer field, and when I drive my oldest son to school on Monday as he sings a capoeira song.

These moments make me feel like a better mom, and they’re why we built Pearachute.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!  I hope you have a day filled with celebration, joy, and presence.  

Desiree & The Pearachute Team