We love this play space, especially because my oldest is on the brink of turning 7 and being just almost too cool for school or in the world of play spaces, too cool to be playing with the “baby toys,” while her little sister is loving life in any and all of the play spaces. So the fact that there is another side of the building geared more towards the older crowd is an unbelievable find. It really is rare these days to find something that entertains a 7 year old while simultaneously entertaining a 5 year old, and Little Beans really fills that need for our family.

Speaking of my family’s needs, after just one day of summer vacation, it is clear that Pearachute will be my best friend for the first summer vacation I’ve ever had to survive. So very last minute, after attempting to work from home, clean up after these little Tasmanian devils, and basically considered throwing the two of them into the gauntlet and letting them go at it until the best gladiator wins, I resorted to my Pearachute app and low and behold, 2 spaces left for these two to run their crazies out, yes please. Straight up, saved the day!

With that said, be forewarned, it can get crazy. Don’t expect everyone to practice courtesy or pay very close attention to their children. That is something that I’ve learned. It’s not a very relaxing experience for me, but the kids really do love it here and ask to come back all the time. They are also the only place I’ve found with kids karaoke and my kids LOVE karaoke so that’s also a) huge plus and b) kinda sad…does anyone want to invest in my million dollar idea to open a kids karaoke space? I digress, there’s something for any and all of the kids’ interests with the exception of art – it’s geared more towards physical play; which also helps to wear them out and isn’t that really the goal?!