How Huckleberry saved our sanity

In the Perry House, sleep is absolutely crucial. If I had it my way, I would average 9+ hours a night. My two kids, Eley (3 years 3 months old) and Louisa (1 year 2 months old), don’t always agree with my sleep plans.

Our kids share a small bedroom that includes twin bunkbeds with Eley sleeping on the bottom and a full-size crib for Louisa. Louisa takes a nap in the morning around 9am in her crib. In the afternoon both kids nap again around 2:00pm, but we have to separate them for them to go to sleep. Louisa sleeps in a mini crib in our bedroom while Eley stays in his bottom bunkbed. For bedtime they are both back in their bedroom. We tried to have them nap in the same room and it was a disaster! They just talked and talked until one of them got fed up and started screaming/crying.


  1. EARLY RISERS: I know some people have kids wake at 5am, so maybe 6:15am doesn’t sound too early, but for our house it is way too early! Louisa was the main culprit and with the kids sharing a room this also meant that when one woke up, they both woke up. Eley was definitely NOT ready to meet the world at 6:15am!
  2. SKIPPING NAPS: Eley was starting to be notorious for skipping naps. He REALLY needs his afternoon nap. If he skipped his nap, he would be extremely grumpy by 4:30pm! When he does nap it’s a solid two-hour nap so we knew he wasn’t even close to dropping it.
This is Louisa’s sleep tracking when we first started using Huckleberry.


  1. EASY TO USE: The app was super user friendly. I took a questionnaire to evaluate Louisa (we only did a sleep plan for her to start with even though we tracked both kids’ sleep using the app) and tracked her sleep for several days. Within a week I had a detailed response full of positive feedback and actionable steps that I could take to improve her sleep. I loved that it wasn’t generic advice. It was full of things I could start to implement immediately to improve her sleep.
  2. BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS: Two of the biggest changes we made included a snack before bedtime and changing up the time we were putting the kids down for bedtime. Louisa is now sleeping a full hour later than she was a month ago! Waking up to children at 7:15am is so much nicer than 6:15am.
Louisa’s sleep post Huckleberry’s sleep plan.

I am so glad we found this app! An extra hour of sleep has been a game changer for the Perry House.

For more information on this life changing app you can check out Huckleberry here or on their Facebook and Instagram.