What is a Home Depot Kids Workshop?

The Home Depot Kids Workshop is a free class for kids every month at all the Home Depot stores across the country.  Children from ages 5-12 years can attend the workshop as long as an adult is present.

When your child goes to the Home Depot Kids Workshop they will receive a free project kit which they can complete during the workshop.  In addition to bringing home their completed project, each kid will receive an orange home depot apron, achievement certificate, and commemorative pin.

Upcoming Workshops

Workshops take place on the first Saturday of every month.  The workshops usually start at 9:00am local time and last for a couple hours.   Check out your local store for time and project details every week.

On Saturday, October 5, from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, you and your child can build a custom fire plan. With a little guidance, your kids can learn how to use a screwdriver to attach the wings, landing gear, and propellers. Once construction is complete, your child can customize it with paint and stickers and bring it home as a souvenir.

Source: Home Depot

You will want to make sure you register for the Home Depot Kids Workshop ahead of time because their are limited spots and building materials.  These spots fill up quick, so if you think your kid will like the project of the month, be sure to sign up on Pearachute as soon as possible!

Home Depot Kids Workshops Project Types

These workshops are great for both boys and girls. In the past, the project kits have included building toy fire trucks, race cars, plant boxes, picture frames, birdhouses, book shelfs, and more! Your kids will learn a new skills. Following instructions, using new tools, and get the satisfaction of creating something from scratch.

Free Home Depot Workshops for Adults

Who is the handyman or woman in your household? Not only is it fun building with your kids, Home Depot also offers free workshops for adults.  Check out the Do-It-Yourself Workshops available at your local Home Depot.

Branded Content

Key track of your keys, wallet, and headphones by making a nightstand organizer. Take out your green-thumb and build a raised garden bed for your outdoor plants. Looking for a new indoor project? Learn how to install wall tile for your home bathroom and kitchen. Find more workshops at your local Home Depot.

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