What it Means to “Eat the Rainbow”

“Eating the rainbow,” explains that eating a variety of colors is one way to get as many vitamins and minerals as possible. It’s not difficult to get the nutrients you need if you have a balanced diet, but it can be hard if you have kids who are picky eaters.

You have probably heard “taste the rainbow,” from skittles commercials, but “eating the rainbow” is a healthy eating tip, therefore, artificial flavors don’t count! Dietitians and other health and wellness professionals are using the phrase to get children to eat more fruits and veggies. It may seem like common sense, but why exactly is it essential to add as much color to your diet as possible?

The Benefits of Eating the Rainbow

Eating the rainbow doesn’t mean that you will quickly shift from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one, but it’s a great way to get consistent with healthy eating habits. The easiest way to add color to your plate is to focus on fresh produce. Fruits and vegetables have so many different colors because they have natural chemicals that protect plants from bugs and germs. Each color indicates an abundance of nutrients and health benefits.

Red fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables can improve your immune system and overall eye health.

Blue and purple fruits and vegetables help fight stress, inflammation, and anti-aging properties.

Green fruits and vegetables help restore energy, improve your mood, and help with detoxification.

White and brown fruits and vegetables keep your bones strong and fight against cancer.

Selling the Rainbow to Picky Eaters

Now that you understand the benefits of adding more color to your diet, you have the perfect response to kids hiding veggies in their napkins or feeding them to the dog under the table. The next time your child complains or asks why something is on their plate, don’t simply say, “because it’s good for you.” Instead, tell them why it’s good for them in simple explanations. Just like the age-old saying, “milk will make you grow up big and strong,” tell your children “eating the rainbow makes you strong and healthy!” Be even more specific when talking to your children about the food on their plates.

“Red foods make your heart healthy and strong.”

“Orange and yellow foods make you beautiful (handsome).”

“Blue and purple foods make you run fast.”

“Green foods give you energy and make you happy.”

“White foods help you so you don’t get sick.”

The Challenge of Staying Consistent

Families with multiple kids don’t always have the time to eat together every night of the week. Mom and Dad come home late from work and may eat later than the kids. The kids are involved in after school activities and most of the time are eating on the go. Just because kids are eating at different times than their parents, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be eating healthy. The problem is planning, prepping, and cooking healthy meals everyday, which takes a lot of time that most busy parents just don’t have.

Nurture Life has the Solution

Nurture Life makes it easy for parents to feed their children with high quality and nutritionally balanced meals. They take care of all the planning and cooking to ensure your child eats well, even when life gets crazy. Each meal is thoughtfully designed by their team of pediatric dietitians. Freshly prepared and delivered cold, (not frozen!) right to your door. In less than 3 minutes, parents are serving their children a healthy meal.

Nurture Life started it’s journey in Chicago in 2016 and is now operating all over the country, offering home delivery of fresh organic, ready to eat meals for the entire family. They offer separate meal plans for babies, toddler, and kids from ages 6 months to 18 years old.

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Happy kids eating healthy

Allergy-free meal plans for babies and young children

Also, with options for picky palates and more adventurous eaters, there is a meal plan than works for every child at every stage. Regarding allergy concerns, Nurture Life’s facility in Chicago is peanut, treenut, and shellfish free. All of their meals are free from artificial flavors, coloring, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup.

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Nurture life meals

“We’ve been getting meals from Nurture Life for about a month now and it has literally been the best thing EVER!! Healthy, balanced meals delivered straight to my doorstep. And they taste so good that I legit end up stealing them from my son half the time 😳🙈😂 If you don’t love cooking or if time never seems to be on your side, you NEED to try these!” @shannonwillardson

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“Meal time around here has been made a whole lot easier thanks to Nurture Life. My picky little eater finally found some food she can’t get enough of!” @casietea

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“I try to cook fresh food for my baby every time, but sometimes I just can’t. 🙊😅 And that’s when I order Nurture Life, to take a break. It seems pretty healthy and more than anything he really loves it!” @minkishstyle

Mother and daughter eating the rainbow

“Y’all know how much we’ve been loving these nutritious toddler meals because they arrive fresh to our front door and take the guesswork out of finding healthy things to feed the kids when I’m in a pinch. When I don’t have a full dinner made or we are eating something that’s a little spicy, turning to these meals is my answer! I also really like knowing that the recipes are created with a pediatric dietician on staff and they use organic ingredients whenever possible.” @holycitychic

Balances meals served consistently every night

Nurture Life is solving a big problem for parents with babies and young children. Any parent with young children will agree that they tend to stay-in more nights and are trying to stick to a routine. Many parents are looking for a solution that they can continue to use over and over again. The pain of grocery shopping, meal prep, and cooking every week is overwhelming and time consuming. Especially, for parents who are working everyday. With Nurture Life’s unique meal delivery, parents can count on a consistent routine and feel good about serving their children healthy foods.

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Nurture Life Balanced Meals

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