Kids love presents (shocking I know)! However, the biggest present I want is for my boys to become increasingly curious, fun loving and engaged in the world we share.

As a parent at the cross between Gen X and Y, I seek opportunities for my two and four-year-old boys to enjoy. At this stage, I try to avoid being tied down to long term activities that the boys love one week and have zero interest in the next!

In terms of presents, occasionally I enjoy surprising the boys with the newest toy that has been plugged in all the toy store catalogues and they have told me they ‘absolutely must have today’. I know from experience that these toys have the potential to turn our house into a wasteland of plastic and cost money that I’d prefer to spend on experiences that encourage creativity and can be shared with friends.

That’s why when I discovered Pearachute, it was love at first experience for my kids – and love at first click and scroll for me. Our family has visited kids’ museums around San Francisco, children’s farms, special events (think ‘Disney on Ice’ quality) repeated soccer and gym classes at our favorite Pearachute venues and even tried cooking and Polynesian dance – ALL through Pearachute. This exciting line up of choices provides perfect flexibility and a cost-effective way for our mini-adventures around the Bay Area.

The Pearachute app has become my iPhone’s best friend. I have discovered many wonderful activities all around the San Francisco Bay area, including some of our now favorite haunts near where we live and visit all the time! Pearachute partners with exceptional businesses geared for families and kids – including places our family already enjoyed, and places, services and products I did not know existed and now tell all my friends about!

Using Pearachute is super easy and social. Searching for and selecting awesome activity locations, including drop ins, camps, events and products from the Pearachute app (and website) is as easy as push, scroll or click. Once I login, I can immediately see what activities my Pearachute Friends have explored recently or is in their upcoming schedule. My kids and I (or daddy and sons) love to join friends at Pearachute activities. Staycations equal Pearachute playcations with friends!

Thank you Pearachute for giving me the best present ever – building special memories for my kids, family and our friends! I can’t wait to keep sharing the love! #Pearachutemoment #Pearachutekids