by Stephanie Jarrett

I’m a mom of three girls with a crazy-active lifestyle. When I’m not volunteering at my girls’ school or planning fun events for their Girl Scout troops…I’m trying to find time to squeeze some sort of fitness routine into our day-to-day.

So I’ve taken to putting on yoga-style workout outfits each morning as I’m packing lunches and brushing hair. If I put on workout clothes before I leave the house in the morning, I’ve found I have a much higher chance of popping into the gym or doing a home workout before I pick up the girls from the bus later in the day!

Fitness Motivation, Delivered.

Until I tried Yoga Club, my “workout clothes” weren’t exactly outfits I was ready to be seen around town in. Oftentimes, the clothes I go to the gym in are old and “well-loved”. My outfit is usually tech t-shirts from 5Ks and leggings that I strongly dislike but, for whatever reason, I’ve yet to get rid of. They aren’t trendy or stylish or even particularly cute. They are simply, just clothes. After I drop my girls at school each day and embark on errands, I inevitably get seen by more than one person I know. The last thing I want to be labeled is frumpy or ill-kempt!

Yoga club workout outfits

Your Style, Eveytime.

When I saw Pearachute offering a $20 off discount on a Yoga Club membership, I figured I had nothing to lose! I spent a few minutes taking the survey on their website. I answered questions about which styles of activewear I preferred. Yes please to flowy tops, tanks, leggings and crops. (Pass on shorts and anything skin-tight across my recently-postpartum midsection!) Then I picked the size I normally wear in day-to-day clothing and which colors I lean toward. Voila! My profile was complete and my first outfit ready for curating!

My first Yoga Club box shipped within a week, and I had a fun surprise box at my door!

I know surprise boxes are all the rage right now, and I subscribe to a few. I’ve stopped a few memberships I started because I just didn’t love the items I was receiving. They were either not my style, or not worth the price I was paying. In all honestly, just not items I saw myself ever using. Even if I was getting these items at a great price, they were being tossed in a closet and forgotten.

Look Good for Less.

Yoga club workout outfits

But my Yoga Club outfit was such a fun surprise! I normally buy all my workout clothes (if they aren’t given to me at various races) or on sale at Target or Costco. My Yoga Club workout outfits were so cute and fun! It was not something I would normally splurge on for myself. I’m a seriously sweaty person and I grew up in the cooler Midwest. Now living in ever-warm Texas, I have a hard time investing in clothing I know will get covered in my post-workout (sweaty) glow! The items I received in my Yoga Club box are fun, trendy, and totally something I can’t wait to wear to run errands before I run to the gym! And, for $59 for three pieces (top, bra, bottoms), I feel like I’m indulging in a fun surprise but not breaking the bank.

I can’t wait to see what comes in my next box!

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Yoga club workout outfits