In our house we do a pretty great job of dividing and conquering. Of course there’s a portion of the mental load John won’t ever fully take over, but he covers some big basics–family laundry, all Target supplies, dishes, trash, etc. One job that I do four nights a week is dinner. Partially because John can really only use a toaster oven and microwave, and, partially because I love the creative problem solving that is dinner when you haven’t meal planned. Or perhaps, I love it because my kids give me 30-45 minutes to myself. I pour a glass of wine and day dream or think about Pearachute as I make some non-gourmet but usually tasty fare.

This little ritual is made possible by yet another job my husband has tacitly accepted. He is our in home sommelier, or more accurately the purchaser of our wine from Target and Marianos. I love not having to think about it. I just always know that some kind of decent red is sitting on my kitchen counter, and by decent I mean $10 bottle of mass produced but generally palatable wine.

Until one day it wasn’t there. In its place stood a coffee flavored wine that tasted like a mix of cold brew and death. Truly the worst wine, that somehow my husband looooves. I looked at his stash of wine, and our mix of California red blends had been taken over by this terrible wine.

In Search of a Solution

My only option was to dip into our “special” wines (of which there are 6 and 5 hold sentimental value). That evening we got into a minor, stupid tiff about the chore of buying wine. His fair conclusion…if I don’t like his wine, I should buy my own. But here is the problem. I don’t grocery shop anymore. I make all purchases on Instacart, and as much as I adore Instacart (I think I’ve made over 500 orders at this point), they don’t have updated wines for most stores, so you really just see the same old, same old.

So, that night I went hunting for a solution. I remembered Club W from a few years ago in my Instagram feed and discovered they’re now the hipper and more grown up, Winc. Winc, if you haven’t heard, is a service that will ship yummy, affordable wines to your door. You take a quiz to determine which wines are a match, and then decide how many red and/or white bottles you want delivered.

Knowing that we were about to launch Pearachute Perks, I asked my teammate Robyn to see if they’d want to list on Pearachute. Three weeks later, they were live on the site, and I purchased my first shipment. I chose three reds and one white, since I like an occasional crisp drinking white.

I have to say I was surprised by how excited I was to get my wine. There’s something reminiscent of childhood in subscription deliveries, I think. You know the box is coming, but you don’t quite know (or remember) what’s inside. Admittedly, this happens sometimes with Amazon just given the sheer volume of our deliveries, but deodorant is way less exciting than a Malbec.

Opening the box felt indulgent.

I wasn’t teasing plastic netting off my bottles stacked in a plastic bag or pulling bottles out of a remnant box from the liquor store. The wine was beautifully packaged with a welcome note and lovely little dictionary to refresh my memory on how to describe the wine.

The wine was great, and because I enjoyed the experience so much, I upgraded my account to Select to get the slightly higher price point wines for my next delivery. I figured that I’m saving on gas…and more importantly my time, so why not?

My Winc Wine Experience

If I had to sum up my experience in a single sentence, I’d say Winc is the perfect way to add a little surprise and delight to my month, saving me money but more importantly time that I can use to do other things…like drink wine with my husband after the kids go to bed.

While Winc is a Pearachute Perk, neither I nor Pearachute were paid to create this content.

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