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Have you ever thought about having a personal chef? Just picture it for a moment. It’s Sunday morning, maybe you’ve slept in longer than usual, and there is a heavenly smell coming from downstairs. You follow the scent as it leads you to the kitchen with a plate of steak and eggs waiting for you. Or maybe in your fantasy its a vegetable breakfast frittata, or maybe some blueberry pancakes with a sweet honey syrup.

Nobody likes an empty fridge, meal delivery has your back

You awaken from your daydream and realize none of those tasty meals are waiting for you downstairs in the kitchen. You’re probably thinking about what you can conjure together with the remaining few items left in the fridge. It’s okay, it’s not your fault. Life has been crazy busy and finding time to go grocery shopping and prep meals in advance just isn’t realistic when you have to manage 5 other peoples schedules on top of your own.

For all the time-starved parents on the west coast, there is a solution to all your meal-prep woes. Methodology is the personal chef you have been fantasizing about. They prepare nourishing, 5-minute meals, that are delivered right to your doorstep. Their world-class chefs prepare meals daily so you don’t have to, and it’s super easy to get started.

methodology meals

Hand-crafted food for every craving

All you have to do is tell Methodology your preferences, select the meals you want to try, confirm your weekly subscription and you’ll have dinner on the table in no time! With hand-crafted foods for every kind of meal, you can choose over 100 freshly cooked and seasonal menu items each week. You will also be able to pause or cancel your subscription at anytime.

See what people are saying about Methodology!

“Until I join Methodology. I thought clean eating would be too difficult to do with my busy schedule. Methodology has made clean eating convenient.” – Chao-Yee, Customer

“I have more energy, my body is changing, I feel better, and I have more time to do other things besides stress about what I’m eating for lunch or dinner.” – Jacquie, Customer

Methodology is delivering to families all over the West Coast. Right now they deliver to the San Francisco Bay Area, most of Southern California, the Seattle Area, and Portland.

Methodology meal delivery

Your personal chef awaits…

Join their mission to empower people to eat the best food in the world, heal their bodies and minds, and live their best lives. Get homemade meal delivery such as breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks personalized for your optimal wellness. First time customers can receive $50 OFF their first order through Pearachute! This amazing offer will end July 16, 2019. Don’t miss out on the personal chef you’ve been dreaming about!

For families outside of the west coast, here is another meal delivery option to save the day!