Did you know that between the ages of 0-6 years old, children can learn the fastest? Every active cell in your young child’s brain kicks into overdrive to form connections and the best way to keep facilitating these connections is through reading. Not only does reading help improve brain function, it helps build vocabulary, and strengthen parent-child bonds. More importantly, reading opens up an entire world of creativity and imagination. That’s why books like Harry Potter, The Box Car Children, Magic Treehouse, Nancy Drew and many more book series were so formative in our adolescent lives. Reading about our favorite characters helps us escape to a different world with infinite possibilities and life lessons. It’s all about making reading fun and they won’t want to put the book down!

Your Personal Library Assistant

While the library is an amazing way to bring in an ever revolving collection of books, sometimes as busy working parents making that trip, let alone remembering to return the books on time can be a bit tiresome. This is why Just Right Reader has turned into a Pearachute favorite! 

What’s in the box!?

Just Right Reader will send you 5-7 books at the perfect reading level for your budding reading enthusiast. Each box will also come with a parent guide to Just Right Reading, and a reading toolkit for your child. The Reading Toolkit includes a reading chart, prizes to reward their reading accomplishments. It also comes with word sheets to focus learning high frequency words and an alphabet chart for your pre-k early readers. Once your child is done with the books, you simply put the books into the prepaid mailer, ship it back and wait for a whole new set of books. If they’re not quite done, simply renew online. Easy Peasy!

Help motivate your struggling reader.

Just Right Reader is perfect for young struggling reader and parents who want to get their kids back into the school flow. A monthly book box from Just Right Reader will give you the best books depending on your child’s reading level. It’s suggested that kids read at least 20 minutes a day and the more they read, the easier it becomes.

Support your child by reading books with them. Take turns reading pages aloud and have them follow along. Encourage them to sound out words and use pictures as clues to figure out the tough words. Don’t forget the small rewards for hitting reading goals. Therefore, kids realize that reading can be fun, and their goals are attainable and also celebrated!

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