By Stephanie Jarrett

Longing for Travel?

Each year, friends and family members struggle with what to get my girls for holidays and birthdays. My girls have all the toys I think they need, more clothes than they could possibly wear and just too much stuff in general.

One thing, however, that we can’t get enough of is traveling. As a family of five, it isn’t always feasible for us to hop on a plane or drive somewhere. There is school schedules to contend with, plus Dad’s employer and time off requests, monetary restraints, you name it. The short story is that we don’t travel as much as any of us would like.

Discovering New Cultures with Little Passports

This past year, my mom discovered Little Passports for my girls. She thought Little Passports would be great for my kids to learn about other cultures and countries every month. Even if we can’t travel to them in person. We all fell in love instantly with what they had to offer.

My oldest looks forward to the package arriving every single month (who doesn’t love getting a surprise in the mail?!). We subscribed to the World Edition, aimed at kids 6-10 (my girls are 5, 6, and 9.) The first package we received included: a blue suitcase a gorgeous map of the world, an empty collector’s tray for coins and a few other odds and ends. My oldest read through all the information. She studied the map extensively, and announced she couldn’t wait to learn about all the countries she would receive goodies from monthly.

Little Passports has a Surprise Every Month

We’ve now been subscribed for about six months and have loved the surprises that are delivered to our mailbox. Each month we receive a coin for the coin tray, a craft or project, a sticker for the suitcase, a momento and information about the country these items are from. My oldest especially loved receiving items from France last month because her dad and I were married in Paris, and we are planning a trip there for her 10th birthday this Fall!

Little Passports

She studies each country on the map and goes online to find additional information as she pleases. She goes to a school where she learns Spanish and Mandarin Chinese as part of her daily curriculum. So, she loved the month she received items from Japan. She loved comparing and contrasting the Japanese and Chinese cultures based on what she is learning in school and from Little Passports.

Inspire Your Child to Learn About the World

We have been very happy with our subscription and believe it to be well worth the monthly cost. A worldly education expands minds and is valuable beyond measure to us. Plus, the fun trinkets that arrive at our front door each month beat anything I can buy at a local store!

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