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Healthy, prepared kids’ meals delivered to your doorstep. No cooking required.

Now that’s the dream, and that’s what Yumble is all about! Yumble is a weekly delivery service offering healthy, fun, fully prepared meals specifically designed for kids. They are solving the never-ending, time-consuming challenge of putting real, wholesome, kid-friendly food in front of your children. Every. Single. Day.

Co-founder, Joanna Parker is making meal time easier for parents nationwide.

Joanna Parker, co-founder of Yumble

Every minute with your family counts. That’s why I created Yumble—so you can spend more time together, and less time worrying about mealtime. If your family isn’t 100% happy with Yumble, we’ll work with you to make it right.

Joanna Parker

Joanna is a mother to three adorable little kids and admits that’s although she’s driven to be the best mom, she’s not perfect. I’m guessing you’re not either? Yet so many of us put pressure on ourselves to spend hours every week planning, prepping, and making healthy, yummy meals from scratch for our families – then feel guilty when we don’t always succeed.

Joanna claims Yumble was born when she realized she wasn’t alone in this struggle and that there could be a better way!

Joanna Parker family

Take mealtime stress off your plate!

Replace the stress with delicious and nutritious, ready to heat & eat choices that will have your kids loving mealtime. Between work, school, sports, and extracurricular activities, it’s harder and harder to fit in quality family time. Joanna’s hope is that the valuable time Yumble saves you each week (an hour a day!) gives you more time to savor with your family.

See why thousands of moms love Yumble…

1. Choose your meals – You and your picker eaters can choose from Yumble’s weekly menu.

2. Delivered weekly to your doorstep – Your meals are delivered fresh for free!

3. Ready to eat in 1 minute and 30 seconds – Perfect for school lunches, easy weeknight dinners, or snack time!

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