By: Jenifer Roth

Before babies when we were a lovely family of two, I was all about the dinner box.  Three times a week, I would get to chopping and dicing and slicing a “fancy” dinner plated for us to enjoy in front of the TV. 

Finding time to cook in the everyday grind

Fast forward two and a half years. We have gone to a family of four with a stay at home dad and twin toddlers.  I am exhausted.  Dad is exhausted. If we are going to make dinner it is generally basic chicken, steak, fish or whatever.  My partner does most of the grocery shopping with the kids and f I have relied on leftovers and the staff cafeteria at school for lunch and sometimes even breakfast.  

Well now it’s summertime.  I am teaching for four weeks, there is no staff cafeteria, I start teaching 45 minutes earlier than normal. I have been working hard to get “me” back this year and have been living a low carb/keto lifestyle for several months now…

Meal delivery saves the day!


Welcome Gobble Lunchbox!  I had been looking at dinner boxes again, but when I saw on Pearachute that there was an opportunity to try Gobble and they were introducing a new Lunchbox option. So I said, “what the heck!”  The subscription for lunchboxes is a 4 week subscription, but of course you can skip weeks as well.  They have a lunchbox “concierge” and for the few questions I have had, they have been on top of it. Prep, that has always been my fallback. The lunchbox instructions say these should take 90min.  I clocked in with 3 meals cooked and plated in tupperware at a little over an hour.  Plus, I feel so great about having healthy meals for my very quick 30 min lunch in between classes.  Not to mention, I am set for all of summer too!  Thank you Gobble!  Highly recommend.  

Try out Gobble today!

Gobble Box

Gobble is a weekly dinner service that delivers simple, fresh 15-minute gourmet dinner kits to customers. With the ability to be cooked in 3 easy steps and often times with only 1 pan, our dinner kits are perfect for the uber-busy professional & families who want to spend more time around the table and less time shopping, chopping, and cleaning up. Our executive chef prepares new menus weekly that cater to every diet & lifestyle and our personal dashboard allows you to easily customize menus each week. Simply put, we create #dinnerheroes every night. 

Cook a homemade dinner in just 15 minutes with Gobble dinner kits! We do all the prep work so you don’t have to. Save $45 off your first box and get free shipping!