By Stacy Gordon

I don’t even know where to start!  ABC mouse was the turning point for my daughter Averie.  She was about to go into Kindergarten and was very social with activities but hadn’t gone to preschool.  With a teaching background and all the good things I had heard we decided to sign up. 

Learning Made Fun

Averie’s excitement was through the roof!  Once she opened up the app and we went through all of her choices she started picking up stuff immediately.  I love that the kids can go down the learning path.  She was able to zoom through all the preschool activities. She loved the Kindergarten and First grade activities too.  I would say the math section helped her so much that she currently is scoring 100% on state tests.  She absolutely loves math now and asks to do more.  The arts section was also a favorite.  So much so that she would screen shot pictures and I still have them on our family iPad!  It’s always nice to see what your kiddos are doing without hovering over them.  

ABC Mouse Tech
Source: ABC Mouse

As a parent I loved being able to track her progress.  For Averie, the tickets and rewards were something she strives to get even more of.  She loved being able to trade them in through ABC mouse for in app items!  It was great as they earn tickets at school now and it’s brought that to live.

If you are on the edge about ABC mouse, I urge you to try it.  It’s an amazing program for preschool and the lower grades.