Another rainy Saturday has got this family down. Actually, to be fair, we weren’t down until about one hour into the morning, after being in close quarters with the realization that there is no way we can do anything outside today. At this point, I figured I had better make a super fun plan for the day if I didn’t want to be a referee/maid for the remainder of my Saturday. Que Pearachute!

Going onto the drop in section of the app, I can see a bunch of different activities that I know the kids will love, but I’m really looking for a day-long activity. Legoland in Schaumburg is somewhere my family has yet to visit and it’s a little bit outside of the city so almost like a destination, now we’re talking. Immediately, my mind goes to the practical side of things, there is an Ikea in Schaumburg!!! My husband can hardly argue about going if we’re right there.

Alas, did you know that Ikea also has a kid’s area where you are able to drop them off and shop the store kid-free for an hour? Okay, I think we have this day decided.

The very last thing we need to think of is food. Where could we eat that really takes advantage of the rare opportunity for us to be in the Schaumburg area since we typically spend the weekends close to home in the city. This destination day thing is sounding fantastic and then I remember there is a Fogo De Chao in Rosemont; which is near Schaumburg and on the way from the city. Here’s a tip to keep in your cap: kids eat free at Fogo De Chao and lunch is less than dinner so our family of four got to eat for a
fraction of what we pay at dinner. If you prefer Texas De Brazil, kids eat for just $5, so also a great deal, and there is one in Schaumburg.


I must say, for a destination day, we were able to spend a good couple of hours at Legoland. It had 4-D movies that ran every 30 minutes. There were workshops, awesome structures to check out, and a couple of rides and Lego characters. While my kids aren’t the biggest Lego fans, this was an awesome introduction for them and so easy through Pearachute.

My kids were entertained in the kids’ play area of Ikea while I stocked up on picture frames and succulents. All while happily full from our meat induced euphoria that kicked off our day out in Schaumburg!