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At Pearachute, we have two passions: helping families spend more meaningful time together and helping local businesses that serve those families thrive. We’re excited to bring childcare into our community of hundreds of thousands of local parents. 

Pearachute for Childcare and Pre-School Providers

As you know, parents are often stressed by the process of finding quality childcare for their children.  They often spend hours calling local providers only to discover they needed to be on the waitlist months before even having their child.  Many opt out of the process and choose a nanny instead. At Pearachute, we’re trying to solve that problem by creating the first ever resource for parents that shows them real time which childcare and preschool providers have openings. 

How It Works

1. After you sign up to list your center with Pearachute, you will receive access to a partner portal, where you can add a description of your space, classes, activities, emphasis, and more.  You’ll be able to add photos, and eventually we’ll have positive testimonials for you to share, as well.

2. When you have an opening in a room or for a certain age group, you can list the availability in your partner portal.  It is our hope that you’ll list full, partial, and day specific availability, as we know that some parents only need 3 days a week or only want half days. 

3. Your schedule will be automatically published to Pearachute where parents can easily see what is available.  They can search up to 6 months in advance, so you can list both future openings and current openings.  

4. Once parents have found a match for their needs, they will click a button that will take them to your preferred contact page.  

Get Started!

Why Should You Work With Pearachute?

  • We have the largest network of Chicago parents…bigger than any newsletter or aggregator. 
  • Get hundreds of thousands of impressions for your business for a fraction of what it would cost to advertise on Facebook or Google. 
  • Get leads for your business from parents that are actively looking for childcare now. 
  • Fill open spots in a fraction of the time. 



For what types of childcare is Pearachute best suited?

We’re an excellent partner for anyone offering childcare or preschool.  So from newborn to Pre-K 5, we’d love to have you on the platform! 


How will Pearachtue promote my business or school? 

When you begin listing your open spots on Pearachute, an email will go out automatically to tens of thousands of Chicago families letting them know you have joined the platform.  Additionally, we’ll promote the childcare component of our app heavily across social media and through paid ads. 


What happens when we fill a spot?

Whether you fill the spot through Pearachute families or on your own, you can simply remove the listing from Pearachute in your partner portal.  If a spot opens up, you can re-publish it with just a few clicks! 


How much does this service cost? 

Pearachute charges a monthly listing fee of $200 per location.  It is our hope that we will send you at least one new registered family per month, which means the listing more than pays for itself in the first month. 


What if we need to cancel?

You can cancel your listings anytime after 3 months.  Or you can pause it if you have no availability for a few months.

Still Have Questions?

Send us an email at partner@pearachutekids.com, and we will get back to you ASAP. We look forward to helping you grow your business and bring in more families!