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Times are tough so we’re here to help bring a little happiness into your week with new, free daily activities you can enjoy with your family. Check back each week for a new set of fun, unique activities you can do at anytime right from your home. We hope with these daily activities, we can continue to spark joy and help your family spend more meaningful time together even when we can’t all be together in-person.

Schedule: April 20-26

Monday: (Virtually) Visit the Zoo!

Bring the Zoo to you every day at 11am with the Houston Zoo. But if you can't make it live, they post all the videos here with accompanying activities great for ages 2 and up!
April 20

Tuesday: FUN reading Worksheets

Today's activity is at home printable reading worksheets for grades PreK to 5th. No worries if you don't have a printer, they have a ton of free games, too!
April 21

Wednesday: Earth Day!

We love this activity from Urban Cultivator, especially on Earth Day because you likely have one of these veggies in your fridge, and it's an activity your children can continue to enjoy for many days!
April 22

Thursday: Create a Family Tree

This easy, wall-worthy activity can be done with a pen, sheet of paper, and a little paint, stamp pad, or simply by coloring your chilld's thumb with washable markers. Great for any age, but probably most fun for 3-9 year olds.
April 23

Friday: Learn a new language

This addictive site is fun for both kids and parents! You can learn more than languages, but we loved this Spanish Animals exercise.
April 24

Saturday: At-Home Soccer Training

Join West Loop Soccer Club for some at home soccer training! Great for ages 4 to 14.
April 25

Sunday: Storytime with Oprah!

The Hula-Hoopin Queen read by Oprah Winfrey is a delightful story about family, friends, and taking accountability.
April 26