I live less than 30 minutes from Six Flags, and up until this week it was always a place we pointed to as we drove by, and explained how awesome and fun it is, but never actually considered taking my 1 and 3.5 year olds…that is until I saw it on Pearachute! Despite my husband repeatedly saying “are you sure you want to do this?” I decided to tackle the crowds and the heat (96 degrees) and venture out for what ended up being an incredibly awesome and special day with my family. I remembered Six Flags as having an array of roller coasters but was so pleasantly surprised with the amount of rides for BOTH of my kids to enjoy. I watched as my son conquered his fears and rode his first ever rollercoaster, pride visibly beaming off of him when he exited. My daughter was in total awe of the rides, water, crowds (and ice cream treats) that even at her young age I can tell she had a great day!

The park was so clean, the staff friendly and helpful, and there are full sections of the park restricted for only kids! I don’t know if it was from the adrenaline of the rides, or the smiles on my children’s faces, but I left there feeling like I really won at being Mom for at least a day 🙂
Thank you Pearachute for helping me take the plunge and creating a day of memories I will not forget! To anyone who is considering going but isn’t sure if your little ones will like it – commit to a date, get your tickets, and GO you will not regret it!
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