Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School

Lincoln Park Co-op offers the opportunity to expand your family’s world with a community of people who will support your child and your family as you enter into this next stage. They believe that learning takes place within the context of authentic relationships and have a deep respect for children as collaborators in their own development. Applications due 2/23. Admissions are done through a lottery system

“Our son has had a wonderful experience at LPCNS and it’s been a joy to watch him flourish in this setting. The teachers and staff have been amazing and we are thrilled to be a part of this community”.


Bennett Day School

Bennett Day School is an independent and progressive, PK-12th grade school in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. Their mission is to provide a collaborative culture that nurtures children’s innate sense of inquiry and curiosity. While their natural entry point is PK (3 by Sep 1st), they are accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year. Rolling Admissions. Grants and scholarships are available.

“We chose Bennett Day School because the world values compassion, collaboration, and empathy just as much as skills and experience. We know, with 100% confidence, our kids will be ready to change the world.”

The Nicholson School

The Nicholson School is a play based preschool located in Bucktown. The school’s educational philosophy is that they meet children where they are developmentally and move them forward. The school has 3 programs: 2-day, 3-day and 5-day. Interested families are invited to tour the school by contacting the director, Becca Goering at Applications for the 2018-2019 school year are due February 26 and admissions decisions will be communicated early March.

“We feel so lucky to be at your school. Your enthusiasm and creativity have inspired our daughter. Your teaching skills have inspired us.”

Daystar School

Daystar’s Preschool program, called the Wonder Zone, draws on 20 years of education experience in downtown Chicago. Children, beginning age 3, thrive in Daystar’s constructivist, play-based model that is built on Daystar’s status as an International Baccalaureate candidate school.

“My daughter is wrapping up her second year or Pre-k at Daystar. One thing I can assure you is that she has never had a bad day at school or refused to go to school. This to me is a sign of a great school. Parents get plenty of chances throughout the year to participate and contribute to the classroom. There are many fun activities throughout the school year. It’s a great community.”

Mary Meyer School

At Mary Meyer School they learn through purposeful play! Their vision is a preschool community that inspires children to encounter the world with joy, curiosity and confidence. For 75 years they have served children ages three and four years old and offer two class sessions daily that each accommodate up to twenty children under the care of three masters educated teachers.  Applications for admission are due February 2, 2018.  

“When you walk into Mary Meyer School you feel like you are home, and the kids feel it too. The teachers are warm, creative, and amazingly dedicated. They work tirelessly to help our children build the life skills needed to thrive; encouraging them to be kind, respectful, curious kids. We are so happy to be part of the Mary Meyer Family!”

North Park Church Cooperative Preschool

Their play-based preschool program serves children from the age of older 2’s to 4 years old. They offer three class options to support the community: a 2-day morning class for their older 2’s/young 3’s, a 3-day morning class for their 3’s, and a 4-day afternoon class for their 4’s. Their program is focused on supporting the whole child by providing a safe environment for children to grow and develop socially and emotionally, cognitively and physically. Registration for new families is Feb 2. – Feb. 16.    

“We are very grateful for North Park Church Cooperative Preschool. The dedicated and caring teachers recognize and value each child as an individual with unique contributions to the classroom community. Within a play-based structure, they provide the guidance, space, and materials for all children to explore, learn and grow in their own ways. I appreciate being a part of the community through regular volunteer time in the classroom where I get a close-up look at this group of children learning together through exploration and play. This is a unique and dynamic program in which my daughter has thrived.”

Sinai Preschool

NAEYC Accredited Sinai Preschool is a warm and nurturing environment offering Preschool and Parent-Tot classes from 6 wks to 5 yrs. Their Reggio Emilia inspired comprehensive curriculum is designed to foster the maximum growth of each child through developmentally appropriate activities adapted to each child’s interests and experiences. Their highly qualified teachers, small classes, and low teacher: student ratio allows them to provide individualized attention to each child. Rolling admissions.

“Our family loves Sinai Preschool! The dedicated and loving teachers and staff have provided an incredible education for our children and we love attending the family events. We could not be happier!”

Park West Cooperative Nursery School

Park West is a play-based, cooperative preschool offering half-day programs for kids ages 18 months to 5 years old. Park West creates an emotionally secure environment in which children can work, play, experiment and explore. They facilitate hands-on experiences that allow children to learn about numbers, literacy, arts and science. There is indoor gross motor play everyday and they have male and female teachers in their classrooms. All applications and financial aid applications are due February 9, 2018.    

“Park West will give you an amazing understanding of childhood education that you won’t get anywhere else. The faculty, the classrooms, Jane. It’s a special place, and you’ll be a better parent for going there.”

British International School of Chicago, Lincoln Park  

Your child’s foundation to a love of learning, critical thinking and global perspectives begins at BISC Lincoln Park. Their campus offers a unique learning environment focused on the early years of a child’s education. Currently accepting applications for Pre Nursery – Year 6 (ages 2 – 11) for the 2018-19 school year. 

“My perspective and experiences with BISC-LP are ever-evolving as my children progress and mature through their learning and growth in this institution. The early years were extremely helpful in creating an environment where they felt safe, nurtured, and challenged, while most importantly, forming a love of learning. As my children progressed through the year groups and their day-to-day changed and demands became greater, they were (and continue to be) appropriately challenged and engaged. The international curriculum and overall culture is what keeps things exciting and engaging. There is an energy and vitality in this school that can be seen and felt from the moment the children enter the school early in the morning and when they come bounding out the doorways at the close of the day. There is a very strong sense of community that bonds students and families together and continually supports and nurtures the learning going on each day.”

Fourth Church Day School    

Fourth Church Day School provides play-based programs for children and their families ages 18 months to 5 years old. Their school welcomes a diverse population and fosters a supportive community. Their teachers aim to inspire children to be lifelong learners by supporting their physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual growth through play in an inclusive environment. Applications are due Friday, February 7, 2018. (No application fee).    

“When our oldest was two years old, we were lucky to have two neighbors who highly recommended we apply to the Day School because of their families’ great experiences. I cannot imagine a better first school experience for our kids. The warm and caring Day School teachers formed bonds with each of our children and helped them to develop confidence as students, both academically and socially. Our kids were excited to go to school every day because their teachers made learning fun, and that love for learning has had a lasting impact on how they feel about school. We loved that with each program (Twos and Preschool) there was an emphasis on developing social skills and making friends. My husband and I relied on the guidance of the experienced teachers and director of the Day School when it came to navigating private school admissions for our oldest, and later, assessing our youngest child’s readiness for kindergarten. We continue to benefit from the welcoming and supportive community of families and teachers at the Day School. Many of our close family friends came from the Day School. Our kids look forward to coming back to the benefit every February to reconnect with friends from preschool and visit with their Day School teachers.”

St. Chrysostom’s Day School    

They believe in the power of developmental placement and have an expertly crafted curriculum which uses play, Pre and Early Literacy, Math and Science, and Fine and Gross Motor Activities. They are a play based curriculum which over 43 years have found to introduce a life long love of learning to their students from their first educational experience. Outside the classroom they believe and nurture a strong sense of community for the students, parents, and families.  Applications for Admission due 2/1.    

“The teachers and the faculty are what makes this school so special. The teachers are well educated, they all are wonderful with the children, they are able to understand and really appreciate each child. They make them feel at home and happy. My children have all loved going to school and have really developed an appreciation for school and a love of education through coming here.”