Earn 10 Bonus Credits when you introduce new partners to Pearachute

In the three years we’ve been building Pearachute, we’ve seen that our best activity providers often come to us from the families who love them already and want to help see them grow. Whether there’s a new activity provider in your area or an oldie but goodie, we’d love to help them expand their reach, find new families, and increase their revenue so they can continue to serve your community for many years to come.

For each partner that you send to Pearachute that lists you as the referrer, you will receive 10 Bonus Credits as soon as their schedule gets added to the platform.

You can get started by emailing potential partners a personal email with this link: https://pearachutepartners.com/

If you find that you love bringing on new partners and have lots of ideas for how to grow Pearachute in your community, you may want to consider joining our Independent Community Coordinator team!