This post on Pearachute was originally published on Lollygag Blog by Keely Flynn:

Sure, you’ve all heard me go on (and on and on) about how great Pearachute is as a flexible option for families, for last minute plans, for stress-free forays into new activities, for sitters, for grandparents, for third children (…and on and on). But for a real man/child-on-the-street glimpse into Pearachute’s wonderfulness, I spoke to some experts.

Namely, my daughters.

keely kids beach


Can you tell me what Pearachute is?

Nora (6): It’s a way to learn about all kinds of stuff.

Susannah (4): It’s classes that make you have exercise and art for big kids and little kids and babies.

Who’s it best for?

S: Big girls. Big boys, too.

Is it good for babies?

S: Probably not. Actually yes! They can go to gymnastics and art classes- Jasper made a Venus Fly Trap and he’s a baby.

What kind of stuff do you do around town?

S: We get to go to gymnastics! And art. I also like playing. Playing school is good.

N: I played the drums for the first time!

Do you have a favorite class you’ve taken?

S: Jiujitsu! It has somersaults. I’m good at it.

N: All of them. But mostly the sewing class where I made a little dog.

What would you tell someone who hasn’t tried Pearachute yet?

N: It’s so fun! You learn a lot.

S: Be brave and just try it.

What activities do you want to try next?

N: Soccer!

S: My cousins play baseball. I want to play baseball.

N: If I could make a doll, I’d literally be so thrilled.

S: But I’d like to make balloons.


You know how there are so, so, so many classes for your bitsies to take in Chicago? Well buckle up, suburbanites (or, uh, stay put), because Pearachute has more than doubled their offerings in the West and North suburbs! If you haven’t seen those class listings for a while (or ever), you’re totally gonna dig what you see.

And hey, how ’bout some Pop Up action? Starting tomorrow, a Pop Up Pearachute location is open for business in Lincoln Park’s old Kid Island space! Aside from good ol’ open play, expect classes and activities from Tiny Tunemakers, Chicago Loves Dance, Totus Lingua, Buddha Belly Kids and many more to be added daily! Best of all? Non-Pearachuters (or soon-to-be Pearachuters) can take advantage of drop-in rates with zero commitment! Join me!  (Because we’ll totally be at the Thursday afternoon hip hop dance party. Er, the children wanted to go.)

And I’ll seeya at the, uh, balloon-making party…?

Suzy will be heading it up.