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Our mobile enabled technology makes it simple for you to manage courses, connect with families, and even receive payments from any desktop or device.  With Pearachute, your team can view and check in Pearachute members from any device, any time. Whether it’s on your desktop or from the soccer field, we make it easy to manage your classes on the go. 

List only the classes you want to fill.  You and your staff can adjust the number of spots from anywhere, anytime. 

By partnering with well-respected activity providers, Pearachute makes it easy for parents and caregivers to discover, book, and drop into the best family activities in your city. We fill your classes, introduce new families to your center, and work with you to explore new ways to expand your business.

Pearachute is a monthly membership club that makes it easy for parents and caregivers to find, book and drop into the best kids' classes and activities in their town.
By joining Pearachute, we'll help you:
Meet New Families
Seamless Technology
Fill Class Spots

Families discover your business on Pearachute by browsing classes and activities by neighborhood, age group, activity type, and time of day.

 There is no cost to participate, and we pay you each time a child attends a class, boosting revenue by as much as $5K/month.


Grow Revenue
Your classes will be featured on our website, mobile application and marketing campaigns. 
Increase Exposure

About Pearachute

We are a delicate ecosystem and can be protective of our process. However, Pearachute helped remind us of embracing change, new ideas, and the expansion of comfort zones that comes with that.  We are so grateful for your partnership! 

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Your partner happiness rep will work with you to identify new ways to promote and expand your business based on national and local trends and data.

Personalized Attention
We love being part of Pearachute. The partner portal is very easy to use to see up to date information on who has signed up and to check participants in to your classes. It is also convenient to be able to change the number of spots available at any time based on the registrations you are receiving though other avenues. The Pearachute staff is always very responsive to questions and feedback. Best of all, we've had such positive experiences with the kids and parents joining our classes through Pearachute. We consider Pearachute an asset to our business and a great partner!
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