Guide to the BEST Pediatric Resources in Chicago
We know that finding the right medical professional for your kiddos is a daunting task with dozens of options all around the city and beyond. To help, we’ve compiled all of our favorite pediatric practices in one spot.

Chicago Occupational Therapy
  • Chicago Occupational Therapy offers home-based and clinic-based pediatric occupational therapy services in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.
  • Chicago Occupational Therapy has years of experience working with children to meet pivotal developmental milestones in key areas including fine motor skill development, sensory processing, self-care, visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills, bilateral coordination, and more.
Chicago Speech Therapy
  • Chicago Speech Therapy provides in-home and clinic-based pediatric speech therapy for children in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.
  • Chicago Speech Therapy has extensive experience in elements of the DIR/Floortime, as well as other evidence-based methods.
  • The team has years of experience in the following areas: articulation, early speech and language, apraxia, stuttering, language processing, feeding and swallowing, and more.
  • Chicago ABA Therapy provides in-home and clinic-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.
  • Years of experience working with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, developmental delays, and more.
  • Chicago ABA Therapy uses the most effective evidence-based practices to promote success for every child, including the Early Start Denver Model.
CST Academy
  • CST Academy is a therapeutic preschool-style program that offers a holistic approach to meet the unique developmental goals and needs of every child.
  • CST Academy is guided by a multidisciplinary team of pediatric speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and ABA therapists to support each child in reaching critical early childhood milestones.
  • The maximum student-to-teacher ratio is 3-to-1 to provide an individualized approach to learning.
OT Laura
  • OT Laura is a small Occupational Therapy private practice specializing in the assessment and treatment of children, young, and older adults with a variety of conditions including: autism, asperger, behavioral, emotional concerns, sensory issues, and other motor and/or learning challenges.
  • She works with cognitive issues and provide brain training and retraining in the areas of memory, attention, and problem solving skills.
Amy Zier & Associates
  • AZ+A provides extensive and innovative programming and therapies to enhance development in the areas of emotional regulation, social interaction, sensory integration, motor planning and cognitive processing.
  • Programming includes individual sessions, social groups, home and school support, skill intensives (bike riding, hand writing, etc.) and custom programming all of which help children meet developmental and social emotional milestones.
  • Their team of occupational therapists work collaboratively with parents, siblings, teachers, caregivers and medical providers as well as any additional individuals taking an active role in a child’s life.
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
  • One of top pediatric hospitals in the nation, Lurie Children’s delivers the highest quality, family-centered care and high-impact research.
  • They are the largest pediatric specialty provider in the region by volume, with over 1,400 physicians and allied health professions in 70 pediatric specialties.
Lakeview Pediatrics
  • Providing expert medical care from infancy to young adulthood.
  • Their practice is working together to build life-long relationships between the staff and patients by consistently providing patients with compassion, excellence and value.
Kids Health Partners,LLC
Kids Health Partners

  • Kids Health Partners is an independent pediatric practice that holds strongly to the philosophy that the role of a pediatrician is to promote child wellness through social, emotional and physical care.
  • They recognize the remarkable potential within each child and collaborate with you so that your child may thrive and flourish. Doctors Kasbekar, Hall and Olson delight in truly knowing the families under their care and in keeping our home-town pediatric practice feeling like it should!
Donohoe Pediatrics
  • Donohoe Pediatrics is a membership-based, concierge-style pediatric practice providing a very personalized level of care and convenience that is not possible in today’s large practices.
  • Membership includes newborn visits in your home, longer visits, direct access to your doctor, easy scheduling, flexible hours, house calls and more.
Chicago Pediatric Therapy & Wellness Center
  • They provide pediatric physical, occupational, speech and developmental therapy services at the clinic as well as in a child’s home, daycare or school environment.
  • They also provide behavioral health services such as ABA therapy for children with autism and social work services for families, children and siblings. They have intensive therapy options, camps, and wellness center classes for all ages and abilities to maximize each child’s potential.
DuPage Children's ENT & Allergy
  • They treat the medical and surgical problems of children with ear, nose, throat and allergic disease.
Apple Dental Care
  • Apple Dental Care is a single owned Pediatric and Orthodontist practice founded by Flavia Lamberghini. They have two locations 2062 N Milwaukee and 3012 W Fullerton Ave.
  • Being Logan Square our neighborhood home, they have become one of the largest Pediatric dentist office in Chicago.
  • They are equipped with eleven chairs, eleven operatory rooms and expanding to six additional operatory rooms and have the latest technology in the field.